MONSTERBASS to launch new subscription box service

Freshwater anglers everywhere covet a “monster bass,” be it your personal best catch or another bragging size trophy, a monster bass is both a goal and a life-style for many anglers.   Starting with the May 1, 2019 launch of a new company, MONSTERBASS, there will be a company and bass fishing community built around a fully dedicated mission to help you catch your personal best bass.  MONSTERBASS will operate as a bass fishing community, built around a premium monthly lure subscription service and angler education program, dedicated exclusively toward bass anglers.

MONSTERBASS (MB) is making an active company launch on May 1, with a fully defined business plan, supported by key executive management talent, and with ample seed investment resources to implement a robust and creative business plan.   Leading the organization will be Rick Patri (formally the co-founder and COO of Lucky Tackle Box) as President and CEO, who brings years of experience in developing a robust online community of anglers and connecting with key fishing industry executives for marketing program executions.  MONSTERBASS will also have the leadership from a full complement of a board of directors who lend subject matter expertise on business operations, finance, eCommerce strategies and social media marketing.   The Company will be headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, with an operations and fulfillment center in Georgia and data center operations also in California.

With the opportunity to start MONSTERBASS with a full agenda of fresh ideas, Mr. Patri and his team have put together a plan and program that will have appeal to any bass angler looking to improve their tacklebox and technique skills.  Mr. Patri comments on the key distinctions of MONSTERBASS: “I’m setting the company up to help people become better anglers.  MONSTERBASSis going to change the way that bass anglers learn about the newest lures and techniques to hit the market.  We realize that region, season, and color matter and so our approaches to helping anglers catch more fish are to gain an understanding of the waters they fish and then equip them with what we believe to be the highest producing lures and coordinated techniques for the region and season they are fishing.

We’ve worked with a group of outdoor writers and regional anglers to create “recipe cards” for each product so anglers have a distinct guide for how to best utilize each item in their monthly shipment.   I’m also very pleased to announce that many of the best brand names in the fishing industry will be supporting MONSTERBASS including Strike King, Pradco, LIVETARGET, Rat-L-Trap, Daiichi, Z-Man, etc. just to name a few.  Subscribers will have a chance to sample products that will be on the leading edge of new techniques and coordinated with terminal tackle to make it all functional.”

Bass enthusiasts who want to join the MONSTERBASS community can find several engagement points.  Monthly subscription to the regionalized subscription boxes can be purchased online for $34.99 per month at:   Anglers who want to follow the MONSTERBASS contributor content online and share in dialog with like brethren can follow their blog at   

There are many options to interact with the MONSTERBASS community via question and answer with contributors and also to post images of catches of your own monster bass!   Anglers that sign up for the MONSTERBASS programs will be able to self-select which region they activate for their service, so they will get both lures and content dedicated to their primary area of interest.

MONSTERBASS will begin active delivery of subscription programs in May along with the full educational and online community resources at the MONSTERBASS online platform which can be accessed via the website homepage at: