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Swim jig or bladed jig

Swim jigs and bladed jigs tend to be employed most often in shallow aquatic vegetation, but they are also deadly around docks and other hard cover. While these lures may...

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Crankbait retrieval speed matters

Steady reeling in a crankbait generates enough action on the lure to trigger strikes from aggressive bass. However, Bassmaster Elite Series pros know varying the retrieves of their crankbaits can...

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Try a toad on a buzzbait

Ever since Rick Clunn introduced the Lunker Lure to bass fishing fans nationwide 40 years ago, it has been accepted wisdom that a buzzbait consists of a wire frame with...

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Jig or Carolina rig?

A generation ago, only the savviest and most patient anglers could excel at the offshore game. “Give me a topo map and a flasher,” they’d say, “And I can find...

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Common dropshot mistakes

Getting bites on a drop-shot rig is easy. Catching lots of fish on a drop shot can be a challenge. Weekend anglers are more concerned with the bait they’re using...

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