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Common pitchin’ and flippin’ mistakes

Canterbury says Dirty Jigs makes 70 colors of jigs, and he doesn’t try to keep them all in his box.

Flippin' and pitching' — fundamental tactics for catching bass in heavy cover. Seems rather simple.

Rig up with big line on stout tackle, short cast a jig or soft-plastic bait into a shallow, gnarly lair, and then muscle out any bass that bites. Although often referred to synonymously, the tactics are slightly different. Flipping is the art of stripping line from the reel and swinging a lure into cover; pitching is making a little longer underhanded fling to a target farther away. Today, most pros prefer pitching to avoid getting on top of bass in pressured lakes. The techniques really work when bass are set up in brush, along fallen trees, under docks or in matted grass. However, both work best when you avoid the mistakes that many anglers innocently make.

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Scott Canterbury has seen them all. The 2019 Bassmaster Angler of the Year says that when the bass are aggressively feeding, you can catch them making the same mistakes. But when the bite is tough, it’s the little things that really count when it comes to having a successful day with the big rod in your hands. Here are some of the most common mistakes he’s seen anglers make.