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Postspawn: Shallow or deep?

It’s likely the moodiest time in a largemouth’s life cycle, but once the fish snap out of the postspawn funk, the need to feed can create memorable moments for the...

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Dissecting the shad spawn

One of the best patterns for fishing late spring and early summer bass is the shad spawn. But it isn’t always easy. As good as fishing can be when you...

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Fishing offshore after the spawn

For many anglers, the postspawn blues can be a frustrating reality. But for Bassmaster Elite Series pro John Soukup, the immediate postspawn period can be full of opportunities if you...

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Prop baits for spawners

Throughout the spawning period, many anglers leave the topwater baits at home or buried underneath their crankbait and jig boxes, electing to throw plugs during the prespawn and soft plastics...

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Prespawn frog fishing

The early spring is often heralded as the best time to catch a lunker largemouth, and one of the more unique ways to target one of those massive green fish...

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Skipping big swimbaits

A common refrain among Bassmaster Elite Series pros is the need to fish something different from what other anglers are throwing. Bass shy away from baits they see every day,...

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Micro jigs for big bites

The ned rig phenomenon has caused a lot of anglers to reconsider the longtime supposition that only big baits catch big fish. No one is diminishing the importance of big...

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