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Prespawn frog fishing

Though some anglers never break out a frog until May, veteren pros like Greg Hackney always keep one at the ready. Photo by Kyle Jessie

The early spring is often heralded as the best time to catch a lunker largemouth, and one of the more unique ways to target one of those massive green fish is by breaking out a frog.

That’s right, a hollow-bodied frog isn’t just for fishing grass mats during the warmer months. Just ask Bassmaster Elite Series legend Greg Hackney from Gonzales, La.

“It is a niche thing, but you have to have it tied on,” Hackney said. “The frog and a buzzbait are tied on 365 days a year. When you feel it, you gotta pick it up and throw it. This isn’t a deal where you are getting lots of bites. We are talking about seven or eight bites. Chances are they will be 3- to 6-pounders.”

Hackney stresses that the frog bite will not materialize every day of the prespawn. One day it will be hot, the next it will be snowing. But there are distinct windows where he recognizes a frog has the opportunity to shine. He prefers to have cleaner water when employing a frog in the prespawn, but it will work in most water clarities.