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Micro jigs for big bites

Photo by Louie Stout

The ned rig phenomenon has caused a lot of anglers to reconsider the longtime supposition that only big baits catch big fish. No one is diminishing the importance of big baits fished around giant bass. Big swimbaits, jigs, crankbaits,
spinnerbaits and topwaters have fooled big bass for decades. But, that trendy Z-Man TRD worm and Ned rig tactic not only has proved little stuff catches big fish, too, but it’s also helped anglers discover small baits can work when more traditional baits aren’t getting it done. You want more bites? Downsize. I mean, really downsize.

That’s the realization of Bassmaster Elite Series pro John Crews, owner of Missile Bait Co., and the thinking behind his diminutive “Ike’s Micro Jig” that looks like a smaller version of more traditional jigs with trailers.

The micro jig is a hot trend in Japan, but the category really hasn’t moved into the U.S., except for a few small manufacturers that offer similar versions. Missile Jigs’ Micro looks similar to many of the “finesse” jigs companies offer, but it’s more compact and has a shorter hook and skirt. It is sized from 1/16- to 3/16-ounce and has a size 1 Gamakatsu premium jig hook.