Gear Review: Strike King Half Shell

What is it?

Drop Shot Half Shell

What sets it apart?

An ultra-limber bait with movement rivaling high-end hand pours, the Half Shell sports a ridged body and a spear-shaped tail designed with two vertical fins for maximum motion. Essential to the profile is the bait’s flat bottom that keeps the Half Shell perfectly horizontal on the hook. Working together, these features give the bait a darting action similar to a jerkbait. Coffee scent and salt impregnated into the body encourages light biters to hold on longer.

How do I use it?

At 3 1/2 inches in length, the Half Shell is small enough for an effective nose-hooking presentation, the Half Shell also sports enough body for a Texas-rigged presentation around brush, grass or any other snaggy deal. This bait comes in 16, including several eye-opening laminates that incorporate Strike King’s new Open Pour Technology (OPT) — a real plus for those clear water fisheries requiring a convincing ruse.

How much?


More Information:

Strike King Half Shell

Angler’s insight:

While most of the world obsesses over dainty little worms and leeches that do a fine job of quivering on point, it’s nice to see a bait that still fits the “finesse” proportions, but does so with a little attitude. Kevin VanDam, who helped design the Half Shell, says the bait really shines when bass are chasing small baitfish like threadfin shad or emerald shiners. The ability to effect a darting action with a semi-stationary presentation should be money.