Gear Review: Snag Proof Bobby’s Perfect Frog


Snag Proof Bobby’s Perfect Frog


The Bobby’s Perfect Frog has several different features that make it stand out. The Water Evac System is designed to naturally expel any water infiltration while the frog is being fished for unbeatable buoyancy and consistent performance. That combined with the Rear-Weighted Balance design is engineered to keep the frog heads-up when stationary and deliver maximum action when worked through sparse or the thickest of cover. The hollow cavity design of Snag Proof frogs works together with the super-soft, injection-molded body and Water Evac System maximizing body compression and delivering higher percentage hook-ups with the 4/0 hook. The machine-welded line tie eliminates even the slickest braided lines from slipping through the eye of the two-piece, through-wire hook system. 


Frogs are the perfect tool for fishing in heavy vegetation situations, and the Bobby’s Perfect Frog is no exception. It is also great to use when fishing around docks, laydowns and more open water situations. The frog designs are created in the U.S.A. by internationally renowned and award-winning lure designer Andrew Gardner. Snag Proof paint designs cover 360 degrees of the frog body so every angle a fish sees is covered in the 14 new designs. 





The private lakes around the Grosse Savanne Lodge in Lake Charles, La., are a perfect place to test out a frog. The marshland houses a variety of vegetation including submerged hydrilla, peppergrass mats and lily pads to name a few. The Bobby’s Perfect Frog lived up to its name in and around all types of vegetation. It stays on top of the thicker vegetation and comes through with very little resistance. In isolated or submerged cover, you can walk it in place with no problem or work it as quickly as you can and still get bites.

The most impressive thing was the durability of the Bobby’s Perfect Frog. During two days of fishing with my particular frog in Alabaster color (mostly white with gray dots on the side of the face), I caught 120 bass. While the smaller details on the side of the frog began to fade with each fish, the frog worked just as well after the first fish catch as it did after the 100th bass. The frog did not take on hardly any water during the trip and did not show any signs of wear and tear structurally. 

The hookup ratio was also impressive. From 1-pounders to 6-pounders, every bass that fully committed to the frog entered the boat via boat flip. No bass threw the hook midway to the boat, and when they buried themselves in deep cover, they were still pinned when I retrieved them. It was often a struggle to get the hook out of the fish’s mouth before releasing it back into the water. 

Frog fishing can be feast or famine for many anglers, but having a frog like the Bobby’s Perfect Frog will give you peace of mind that when you hook one, you won’t likely lose it in the ensuing battle.