Mystery Tackle Box

What is it?

Mystery Tackle Box, possibly the coolest “of-the-month” club there is.

What does it do?

Once you’re a member, you receive a tacklebox each month filled with up to five new lures as well as a host of offers and deals plus a nifty Mystery Tackle Box sticker. Also included in each box is a “Bait Card” that tells you about each item and offers tips for its best use.

How do I use it?

Simply sign up and begin getting your monthly tacklebox!

What sets it apart?

Have you ever heard of a bait-of-the-month club? We hadn’t either and couldn’t wait to get our chartreuse dye-stained hands on it. Mystery Tackle Box’s website also reports that they “never send knock-off products that were made in China.” You get real gear from reputable bass fishing product companies such as Strike King, Mustad, Stanley and many, many others. Plus, you’ll also learn to love new brands such as Whiskey River Bait Co., which impressed us as well.

How much?

$15 per month. You are guaranteed at least $15 of baits plus free shipping and you can cancel any time, so it’s a dang good deal.


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