Shimano aims to build dreams

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The desire to build a dream, that’s what you get when you buy any product with the Shimano name on it. You can’t build a dream product by copying what someone else has done. And you can’t do it by out-sourcing components to another manufacturer.

That’s why Shimano products maintain their value long after they’ve left the sporting goods floor. Look on e-Bay or any other place where used fishing tackle is available. There is always a demand for the good stuff.

There isn’t a detail too small to get the attention of Shimano’s engineers and designers. If there’s a better way to build a rod or a reel, they’ll find it. By changing the angle on the lip of a spinning reel spool or inventing a thread-less reel seat on a rod, Shimano’s attention to detail shows up everywhere you look.

Customer service plays an important role in that dream. Nothing kills a dream quicker than the nightmare of returning a product. With Shimano’s dedication to quality, equipment failure is rare. But when it occurs, Shimano works harder than any other company to support its customers.

The limited lifetime guarantee on Shimano rods is a good example. If a rod breaks under normal fishing conditions, bring it back to the retailer and you’ll walk out with a new one. No waiting. No mailing it back to the company. No lost days on the water. No matter how long since you purchased the rod.

Catch one fish and you’ll feel the difference. That’s the mantra at Shimano. The goal is for you to have your best possible day on the water – day after day after day.