Quantum's Exo slims down

What is it?

Quantum’s Exo (short for exoskeleton) line of rods and reels.

What does it do?

Quantum’s newest tackle is made with an emphasis on weight savings. The theory behind the Exo reels is “metal where it matters,” meaning that all extraneous metal was stripped in the name of weight savings. It was replaced with what Quantum calls space-age materials that rival steel in strength. The casting reels weigh 5.9 ounces, the two spinning reels models weigh 6.9 and 7.1 ounces, while the casting rods weigh as little as 3.24 ounces, and the spinning rods weigh as little as 3.17 ounces. You’ve probably flipped a heavier weight than that.

Why do I need it?

To keep those bird-like arms of yours from cramping up after holding a rod and reel for a few hours. Also, light gear can help you feel and react to subtle bites better.

How do I use it?

Pretty much like your current combos, but with less heft to whip around.

What sets it apart?

Besides being light, these rods and reels are loaded. The exoskeletal design is plenty of reason to check these out, but the cool features are more than skin (or skeleton, rather) deep. Quantum’s ACS cast control has been downsized to save weight, and the aluminum drive gear has been ported (holes were drilled in it) for the same reason.

Every Exo reel comes with Quantum’s proprietary PT bearings, which Quantum believes are the smoothest in the industry. The Exo PT spinning reels feature a new MaxCast spool that reportedly facilitates longer and smoother casts. The lip around the top has been minimized to work better with the micro guides that the Exo rods feature.

One of the main weight savers in the rods are the Fuji SK2 split reel seats. They’re up to 54 percent lighter than other reel seats. The grips are EVA foam and the guides are stainless steel Fuji micro guides.

How much?

Quantum suggests a retail price of $249.95 for the baitcasters, $199.95 for the spinning reels, and $179.99 for the casting and spinning rods.

For more information:

QuantumFishing.com; 1-800-444-5581

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