Megabass Orochi XX

What is it?

Megabass’ latest line of rods designed in part by Bassmaster Elite Series pro Aaron Martens.

What does it do?

Like all rods, they let you fling baits, set the hook fight fish and flip ‘em into your boat. But unlike your Ugly Stik, these are more sensitive and stronger thanks to several key innovations and a careful design process. Also unlike your Ugly Stik, don't try to touch the tip-top guide to the buttcap. It won't end well.

How do I use it?

Each of the 11 rods in the Orochi XX (also called double X) line is tailor-made for a certain technique, so start with your favorite technique and then add to your lineup.

What sets it apart?

Crafted of super low-resin carbon up to the 40-ton grade, the materials of each Orochi blank are custom matched to the rod’s intended application. Each blank features a vertical-axis carbon core wrapped with a 2-axis XX-Micro Carbon layer, followed by an additional vertical-axis carbon layer. Each blank is then finished off with a 4-axis carbon wrap that goes from the butt section to the mid-section, for a total of 6-axis. Since carbon material is strongest along its axis, this unique manufacturing process adds significant strength to combat blank twist and improve overall structural integrity—all without adding unnecessary weight. Each rod has a carefully selected range of tangle-free Fuji KWSG, KR-H, and Fuji small caliber Alconite guides for smooth casting and increased sensitivity; Fuji reel seats; Megabass custom ITO Head Locking Reel Seat, a rubber/cork composite end cap to protect against fierce hook sets; a Megabass original hook keeper.

How much?

Less than $300.

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