Hot Product Press: Kalin's Sizmic Grub

What is it?

Kalin’s Sizmic Grub.

What does it do?

It’s basically a hotrod grub or swimbait, depending on the size you get, either 3- or 3.8-inch.

How do I use it?

This critter is at home on an exposed jighead as a finesse swimbait, the back of a swim jig or ChatterBait, or even on an umbrella rig. With such a realistic shad profile and action, it’s hard to fish these wrong.

What sets it apart?

The grub body is affixed to a swimbait tail, which offers more action than a regular grub tail. Think of it as a big presentation in a small package. It’s also available in four sizes and a wealth of colors.

How much?

$5.49 per pack in clamshell

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