Gear Review: YETI Brick bottle opener

What is it?

YETI Brick Bottle Opener

What does it do?

It opens bottles. 

What sets it apart?

Made out of a chunk of stainless steel, this 3/4 bottle opener will most definitely outlast you on this earth. Your grandkids will be opening bottles with it.

How do I use it?

Like any bottle opener, you slide the edge of a bottle cap in the gap, and pull upwards. 

How much?

$49.99. Yes, it's a $50 bottle opener. 

More Information:

Editor insight:

YETI calls this thing a brick, and that's a very accurate statement. It's surprisingly heavy but the second you pick it up you want to find a bottle to open. It's a massively over-engineered tool of bottle cap destruction, and I think it's pretty great. You may not need this thing, but the first time you hold it, you're going to want one.