Gear Review: Plano Edge

What is it?

Gear Review: Plano Edge

What sets it apart?

Plano has taken its dependable 3600 and 3700 Stowaway footprints and expanded the lineup with 10 new storage containers sporting a sharp new look and a diverse range of uses. Four of the new Edge boxes were designed for general storage, with standard, thin or deep configurations. The other six boxes are task-specific containers built to accommodate all your terminal tackle, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, blade baits and jigs, and soft plastics.

How do I use it?

With a ribbed lid, one-hand latch and steel-pin hinges for durability, the new Plano Edge blends a modern style with a heavy-duty build. These containers feature Duraview crystal-clear lids, Rustrictor infused bases, stainless-steel hinge pins, Dri-Loc rubber gaskets and oversized single-handed latches. The Edge series also includes Water Wick — a water-absorbing, rechargeable, desiccant divider; pre-cut, pre-separated vented dividers; and an innovative labeling system.

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Angler’s insight:

Plano’s intense planning effort is evident in several elements of the Edge line. I like the Terminal box’s lift-out design with box-within-a-box compartments small enough to fit in a jacket or pants pocket. The Edge Jig/Blade Bait box uses multiple vertical dividers to hold up to 70 jigs in individual positions that protect hair and or skirts. Elsewhere, the Plastics/Bulk Utility box features movable dividers that can be removed to create a dry-box, while the Edge Crankbait box uses patent pending silicone "fingers" to protect the lures, hooks and finishes.