Gear Review: Heddon Lucky 13

What is it?

Heddon Lucky 13

What sets it apart?

A classic lure that still forces big angry bass to break surface. The popping plug is a larger than average topwater lure that will garner attention from big fish especially. It can be cast a substantial distance ane creates a deep resonating sound when chugged along the surface.

How do I use it?

The Lucky 13 is great for target fishing along emergent structrue such as wood or rocks, but it also works on schooling fish in open water. It literally calls them to the surface, and they find it too tempting to resist. Upon the cast, let the bait sit for a few seconds before beginning your retrieve. Employ a pop-pop-pause retrieve to give following fish more incentive to strike.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

Look, this lure is time tested, and it will produce the desired results. I've got a few that are probably as old as I am, and they still find their way to the water each year. One feature I need to comment on is the body size of the bait: It's big and moves a bunch of water basically forcing strikes. It calls fish in from a great distance and will keep them pinned all the way to the boat.