Gear Review: Coolbaits 'The Down Under' Underspin

What is it?

Coolbaits “The Down Under” Underspin 

What sets it apart?

The Down Under was once a tournament fishing secret in California, and it is the original underspin in the Coolbaits line. Key features right out of the package include attention to detail and high-quality components. It is the only underspin on the market that offers a dual ball bearing swivel on the nickel-plated blade, which means the blade is always turning. From the flared gill look and realistic color patterns to the UV400 worm keeper and Mustad chemically sharpened hooks, The Down Under in six available sizes, has it covered.  

How do I use it?

The Down Under is the most versatile underspin and can be fished effectively in any situation from open water to shore. Pair it with a Coolbaits kicker swimbait trailer and grind it on the bottom, swim or drop it through suspended fish, or burn it near the surface for active schooling fish. Coolbaits excel for both fresh and saltwater fish and with six different sizes, it can target anything from panfish to tuna.

How much?

$6-$9 (depending on size) 

More Information:

Coolbaits Lures

Angler’s insight:

With six different sizes and 12 color schemes, you can really match the hatch. Anything you need so the targeted fish have exactly the meal they are looking for. Adding the Coolbait kicker trailer or any other proven soft bait will allow the angler to further mimic natural forage. The Coolbait lineup is always growing and adapting to make it easier for fishermen to give the fish that perfect presentation. They’ve recently added a weedless Down Under and an XL version with a larger hook. Get some Down Unders and catch everything that swims.

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