Gear Review: 13 Fishing Spin Walker

What is it?

13 Fishing Spin Walker

What sets it apart?

This new creation from 13 Fishing took the traditional topwater walk-the-dog presentation, equipped it with a percussion section and told it: Be your own parade. The designers accomplished this by adding a metal prop flanked by a set of beads — one in front, two behind — and a clacker to the bait’s belly. Whether walked in traditional form or retrieved in a straight line, the Spin Walker emits a sputtering, fish-calling commotion that mimics the easy meals bass seek.

How do I use it?

With a traditional cigar-shaped body balanced for easy walking action, the Spin Walker measures 4.25 inches and weights 2/3 ounce. Molded gills and jaws, along with an alluring oversized HD holographic eye, increase the bait’s attraction, and it's available in a trio of ultra-high definition paint jobs — rusty bream, lunar shad, albino rhino. On the strike, a pair of No. 2 VMC premium PTFE-coated hybrid treble hooks ensure solid connections.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

A true hybrid bait, the Spin Walker brings a new facet to a familiar game. This lure should fill in a lot of the grey area between your walk-the-dog presentations and the buzzbait. Look for this bait to do well during a shad spawn, the fall feeding frenzy or anytime bass come up schooling. When fish have seen too many of the usual suspects, a unique presentation like this often pushes them over the edge.

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