Fishing Camp, the game

What is it?

Fishing Camp, the game.

What does it do?

It doesn’t do a whole lot unless you play it!

Why do I need it?

To keep your kids’ minds on the outdoors even when they’re indoors.

How do I use it?

It’s a board game where players race each other around the lake by answering fishing trivia questions. First one back to the dock wins. Half of the cards in the deck feature images of types of fish on them. If a player draws a fish card and answers the question about the fish correctly, he or she keeps the card. A player may “catch” 5 fish per turn before having to throw one back. Also, some of the Fishing Camp trivia cards have a special GPS icon on them. If a player draws a GPS card and answers the question on the card correctly, he or she is allowed to take a shortcut to the docks.

What sets it apart?

There aren’t many fishing-related board games, and almost none that teach your things while you play.

How much?


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