Classic gear debut: Minn Kota 112-pound thrust Fortrex

Have you ever wished your trolling motor had less power?

Us neither.

If you’ve wished for more power on frequent occasions, you’re going to love MinnKota’s 2014 upgrade to their 36-volt motors, which now feature a whopping 112 pounds of thrust on high.

Where could you use this much thrust?

Anywhere there are heavy weeds begging to be plowed through to reach those untouched flippin’ holes, sure. Froggin’ way back in the mats, you bet. Holding steady in a strong river current below a spillway, yep. Even just holding the boat in one spot in a big wind gets easy when you have a lot of power on tap—and of course you can always dial it down when you don’t need that much pull.

It’s available in both the electric-steer Terrova, priced around $1750, and the cable steer Fortrex models, priced at around $1400;

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