Bass King 'Brella Rig tee

What is it?

Bass King’s ‘Brella Rig tee.

What does it do?

Whether you like the umbrella rig or not, you’ve got to admit this tee is quite stylish. It’s so stylish, in fact, that it can even make you look good!

Why do I need it?

To either show your support for multiple-bait rigs or to stir the pot at the boat ramp.

How do I use it?

Look down; got a shirt on? Good! You possess the skills required to use this. Even though it’s black that doesn’t mean you can go spilling ketchup and mustard on it (but it will hide your slovenliness better).

What sets it apart?

The nifty umbrella rig graphic and the two voracious bass chasing it! Sizes range from medium to 2XL.

How much?


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