New Abu Garcia Revo spinning reels now available

The are plenty of technical reasons why the newly designed Revo Spinning Reels from Abu Garcia are a major step up for a product line that was introduced in 2009.

The reels, which were released at the 2015 ICAST trade show in Orlando, Fla. feature a new Rocket Line Management System that allows for better castability. They have an AMGearing system and an X-MAG gearbox that provides super-light and extremely strong gear housing.

But Kevin Jarnagin, a spokesman for Abu Garcia, said all of those big words add up to one simple quality anglers will love.

“It just has a better feel,” Jarnagin said. “When you start talking about all of the gears and how smooth it is, in the end, all that means is it’s a better experience for the angler.

Of course, each technical feature has a major purpose.

The Rocket Line Management System, which is combination of bail angle, spool lip design and slow oscillation, gives anglers the ability to cast farther and manage line more effectively.

“What that means is, when that line comes off that reel, it’s creating less line slap on the rod,” Jarnagin said. “You’re able to get further away from the fish and still fire that line a long way to them. Less pressure means more fish.”

The reels also feature a Carbon Matrix syxtem, which provides smooth, consistent drag pressure for landing big fish. Bassmaster Elite Series pro Brandon Palaniuk said the improved drag is especially helpful when landing big fish on lighter line.

“The drag is really smooth,” Palaniuk said. “I’ve been fishing it for a year and a half now, and I’ve seen a lot of different versions. When I’m catching big smallmouth on a drop-shot rig with 6-pound test, it never has a hiccup.”

The improved Revo line includes the Premier, STX, SX, S and Inshore models. It also includes the new MGX model that has already become popular with pros like Palaniuk and Justin Lucas.

The MGX features the AMGearing system and X-MAG gearbox that provides functionality and durability in a lighter package.  Palaniuk said that lightweight construction is one of his favorite features.

“When I’m throwing a spinning rod setup, the biggest thing for me is to have a balanced setup,” Palaniuk said. “You should just be able to hold it and it feel balanced in your hand – not too tip-heavy, not too much weight in the back.”

In the past, the only way to achieve that balance in some situations was to use a smaller reel. But that’s no longer necessary, Palaniuk said.

“When you switch to a smaller reel, you lose line capacity and the ability to pick up slack quickly,” he said. “With that MGX, with it being so light, you can use a size 30 that weighs the same as a traditional size 20. You get the best of both worlds – a balanced setup with ability to pick up all that slack.”

The reels are set to hit the market in November with retail prices beginning at $129.95.