Gear Review: Shimano Armajoint 190SF Flash Boost Swimbait


Shimano Armajoint 190SF Flash Boost Swimbait


When it comes to swimbait fishing, a phrase that gets used a lot is “drawing power,” and the Shimano Armajoint Flash Boost Swimbait is absolutely going to have the drawing power to get the attention of the big ones. Featuring Shimano’s proprietary FLASH BOOST, the Armajoint 190SF emits a life-like flash, even while sitting still, that grabs the attention of the fish. With a unique action and extremely realistic look, the Armajoint 190SF is truly unlike other swimbaits on the market.


In addition to the FLASH BOOST technology, the swimbait swims in a traditional S-pattern, which also draws in the big ones. Anglers will have the ability to fish the bait fast or slow, unlike a lot of traditional glide baits. The Armajoint 190SF is also significantly easier to cast than other big swimbaits on the market. Shimano’s ARMA BOOST technology forces the joints of the bait to connect in flight, which allows the bait to fly through the air at further distances and will reduce angler fatigue. Once the Armajoint hits the water, it automatically corrects itself by disconnecting, then it’s ready for action.





Over the past several years, big swimbaits have gained a lot of attention in bass fishing and for good reason – they catch big ones. Admittedly, I’m not your traditional “big swimbait guy” who is willing to spend a fortune on handmade swimbaits. However, when I first got my hands on the Shimano Armajoint 190SF Flash Boost Swimbait, I was instantly intrigued. Shimano’s new FLASH BOOST technology is interesting and extremely practical in situations where the fish are getting a good look at the bait, and a swimbait is certainly one of those techniques.

As far as where to throw the bait, the options are pretty wide open. Having the ability to work the bait with a slow s-waving action makes it a great choice to throw at targets such as docks, laydowns and grass lines, but having the ability to work the bait extremely fast makes it a great option for fishing open water or schooling fish. On lakes that have blueback herring, the Armajoint will be a great choice to cast across long tapering points. Work the bait quickly to entice a reaction bite.