Gear Review: Costa Mayfly


Costa Mayfly


Mother’s Day is coming soon, and here is a great gift idea you wouldn’t think of until now. It’s a pair of Costa sunglasses the likes of which have never been available for women. Score big points by gifting sunglasses combining style with the same performance features you appreciate with the Costa frames you wear. Thank me later and read on. 

While branded in Costa’s “hybrid” lifestyle-performance category, the Mayfly is undeniably Costa’s most advanced technical frame for women yet. The Mayfly underwent two years of researching, refining and testing by Costa’s female pro staff, underscoring its commitment to what you will read more about. 

The Mayfly cat-eye design is stylish, yet the technically-intended wrapped shape minimizes light leak, while enhancing the benefits of Costa’s stand-out 580 polarized glass or polycarbonate lenses. Those provide 100% protection from UV light, while absorbing light known to cause eye disease. 

What else really stands out is the generous coverage of Costa’s Hydrolite on the temples for non-slip protection with a snug and comfortable fit. The Mayfly also has noticeable Hydrolite in the vented and fully adjustable nose pieces that prevent annoying slippage on hot days from perspiration and sun protection sprays and lotions. 

Also, just like in the men’s designed PRO frames, the Mayfly has top and side shielding, sweat channels and eyewire drains. Frames stay in place with flex temple tips with keeper/retainer-ready holes that fit comfortably under a hat. And, C-Wall coating provides extra scratch resistance and a barrier that repels water, oily and perspiration for easy cleaning. 


In the Mayfly, you will find similarities to Costa frames for serious anglers who choose the likes of PRO frames and related performance sunglasses for men. The Mayfly is ideal for what women also like to do, which is spend long days on the water, at the beach or anywhere outdoors where maximum sun protection and improved vision in glare is desired, while doing it in style. 

Available in two frame colors: Wahoo (pictured) and Matte Black. Lens colors: Blue Mirror Polarized Glass and Gray Polarized Polycarbonate (pictured) for Wahoo frames. Blue Mirror Polarized Polycarbonate (and Glass), Green Mirror Polarized Glass, Copper Polarized Polycarbonate for Matte Black Frames. 





From first glance, I noticed the technical performance features that are similar to my favorite Jose PRO frames. The Hydrolite in the temples and nose, the side channels and the curved shape of the frames, and everything else you read above, make the Mayfly the ultimate frame for active women. When shopping for sunglasses, style ranks high on their priority list. With the Mayfly they get that and more, with Costa’s maximum sun protection, improved vision, and the perfect fit. What could be better? Click the More Information link, make your purchase, and see the smile on her face with a gift that will be appreciated on the sunniest (and funniest) days outdoors.