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How Swindle manages his line

Gerald Swindle pulls no punches. He believes performance begins with preparation and fresh fishing line plays a leading role in that production. “You can watch an angler and if you...

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Cobb’s five favorite jerkbait tips

Brandon Cobb’s Elite Series biography on lists topwater fishing as the South Carolinian’s “Signature technique/strength.” He also flexes his muscles when fishing a jerkbait. A jerkbait accounted for most...

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Fishing dormant grass

Autumn’s arrival means fewer hours of daylight and rapidly cooling water, a one-two punch that triggers a die-off of submerged vegetation. As fall advances and those stately green weed towers...

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Hydrilla vs Milfoil

Ask almost any bass angler about hydrilla and Eurasian water milfoil and he can tell you that they are “grass” and that they attract bass. Ask him to explain the...

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Tips for fishing a spybait

New Japanese techniques continue to spread to the U.S. with some regularity. Things have calmed quite a bit from the seminal years of the 1990s, when revolutions like drop shotting,...

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