Big Show’s Big Eats: Show rolls

Editor’s Note: Elite Series pro Terry Scroggins has long been known as a great cook. In this column, he shares instructions on how to cook some of his favorite foods. See his other recipes for Pork tenderloinTequila chickenVenison kabobs, Mustard fried venisonBeer can chickenPeanut butter cup pieSmoked ribs with red pepper jellyShrimp-stuffed jalapeñosCrab-topped grouperTeriyaki injected tenderloinGrilled spaghettiFried ribs, Sausage dip, Grilled half shell redfish, Taco salad, Grilled quackers, and Prime rib.

Show Rolls

Got a new recipe for y’all that I came up with this past fall. I didn’t have a name for them so my friends have been calling ‘em “Show rolls”. These aren’t your normal, everyday crescent rolls you’re used to, but I promise y’all they are delicious! With a few simple ingredients and 10 minutes of prep time you’ll be ready to make some crescent rolls you can impress your guests with.

I use my pellet grill/smoker to grill these so I can regulate the temperature easier. Like I’ve said before, a pellet grill is kinda like a smoker, gas grill, and kitchen oven all wrapped into one… but, you can cook these in an oven or on a regular old charcoal/gas grill if you’d like. You’ll just have to make sure the flames stay off the rolls and the temperature stays around 300-400 degrees. 


Ingredients: Half dozen (6) jalapenos, Pillsbury Grands! crescent rolls, Philadelphia cream cheese, Braswell’s green pepper jelly.

Tools: Knife and cutting board for de-veining jalapenos, butter knife/spoon for cream cheese/green pepper jelly spread, grill/oven, tongs/spatula.

Prep time: 10 minutes of prep time is all you’ll need.

Cook time: Approximately 15 minutes at 350 degrees.

Start by halving the jalapenos. First step is to cut off the jalapeno stems.

Then simply cut each jalapeno in half, exposing the seeds inside. 

Do this to every jalapeno you’ve got, I made a small batch and used a half dozen this time.

Then you’ve gotta take the seeds out of the jalapeno halves. 

I use a spoon or a knife over the sink to help rinse all the little seeds out. Be careful not to touch your eyes during this process. These seeds are hot.

After the seeds are out, I add my cream cheese to each jalapeno halve.

In the same place you just removed the seeds from, use a butter knife or a spoon and spread a nice even layer of cream cheese inside your jalapeno halves. 

Add a small spoonful of green pepper jelly to each jalapeno halve. Might look strange, but this stuff has an awesome flavor. 

Next, roll the jalapeno halves inside a single crescent roll. Roll the crescents just like you would regularly, without the jalapenos in the middle. 

I use Pillsbury Grands! because they are 50 percent bigger than regular crescent rolls. So they fit your jalapeno halves perfectly. 

Repeat these steps with all of the jalapeno halves and crescent rolls. 

Have your temperature set to around 350 degrees and add the rolls to the grill (or oven).

They only take about 15 minutes to cook at 350 degrees. A pellet smoker or an oven is best for these, so you can control the temperature. 

Flip the “Show rolls” over about 8 minutes into grilling.

After 15 minutes, or until your rolls have a nice brown look to ‘em, they are ready to be pulled off the grill. 

Let the Show Rolls cool for a few minutes and you’ll be ready to dig in.

They might sound a little off-the-wall, but make some and take them to your next tailgate or barbecue. You’ll impress your guests and have a full belly.