Big Show’s Big Eats: Sausage dip

Editor’s Note: Elite Series pro Terry Scroggins has long been known as a great cook. In this column, he shares instructions on how to cook some of his favorite foods. See his other recipes for Pork tenderloinTequila chickenVenison kabobs, Mustard fried venisonBeer can chickenPeanut butter cup pieSmoked ribs with red pepper jellyShrimp-stuffed jalapeñosCrab-topped grouperTeriyaki injected tenderloinGrilled spaghetti, Fried ribs. 

Who doesn’t love a good cheese dip? I like to have something to snack on immediately after I get off the water, especially after a 12-14 hour day of practice. This recipe I’ve got for y’all today is something you can throw in the crock-pot and have ready for later, either while you’re cooking dinner or as a meal itself. It’s really easy, and pretty dang tasty. The biggest thing I do different with my sausage dip is I add sweet jalapeños to the mix. This gives it a little bit of a kick, and adds a delicious bit of flavor as well. 


Ingredients: One to two blocks of Velveeta, four cans of Ro Tel, 1/2 jar of sweet jalapeños, 2 pounds of Jimmy Dean regular sausage, three to four sprigs Cilantro

Tools: Pan, spatula, can opener, Crock-Pot, knife or small blender

Unwrap 2 pounds of Jimmy Dean regular sausage and brown in a pan on high heat.

Add your browned sausage into the Crock-Pot set at a medium heat.

Break up your Velveeta into blocks (or slices) and add into Crock-Pot.

Dump half a jar of sweet jalapeños (juices and all) into the mix.

Dump your four cans of Ro Tel into the mix.

Instead of chopping my Cilantro, I use my Nutribullet to chop it up and then dump it in. 

Use a spatula or spoon to mix everything up evenly.

After you mix your ingredients let them sit in Crock-Pot for at least 30-45 minutes or until it’s all melted. 

After that you’re ready to grab some chips and dig in!

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