Big Show’s Big Eats: Mustard fried venison

Editor’s Note: Elite Series pro Terry Scroggins has long been known as a great cook. In this column, he shares instructions on how to cook some of his favorite foods. See his other recipes for Pork tenderloinTequila chickenVenison kabobsBeer can chickenPeanut butter cup pieSmoked ribs with red pepper jellyShrimp-stuffed jalapeñosCrab-topped grouperGrilled spaghetti.

Well y’all, fall has settled in and it’s hunting season. I like hunting as much as the next guy, but my favorite part of this time of year is the grub! Lots of folks will be getting a deer for the dinner table. So I figured a two-part series on my favorite venison recipes would be welcomed. Although I’m known for cooking with a grill, I also love to put my fryer into action. Now, I don’t just drop anything into the grease, of course I have to do things a little different.

First of all, I use rice oil for the fryer grease cause it gives the food a great flavor and lasts longer. Meaning, I can use the same jug of oil and cook multiple meals. I also like to marinate my venison in a 1-to-1 mix of Italian dressing and Mountain Dew. If that isn’t different enough for you yet, I also smother my deer in mustard before frying it. Read through the rest of my instructions if you want to see how this tasty concoction comes together.

Mustard fried venison

Ingredients: One venison back strap, bottle of Italian Dressing, 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew, 14 ounce bottle of Heinz Yellow Mustard, one box of House Autry Chicken Batter, seasoning of choice (Lawry’s for me).

Tools: Fryer – rice oil – tongs for fryer – three pans for mixing the venison with the marinade, mustard, and House Autry.

Prep time: Soak in Italian dressing/Mountain Dew marinade for four hours or more. 10 minutes at most before frying.

Cook time: Set grease around 325 degrees and cook for three to five minutes

Dump your bottle of Italian dressing into a mixing pan, then add Mountain Dew to equal the Italian dressing. Making a 1-to-1 mixture.

Place your chunks of venison back strap in the marinade and let soak for around four hours, although overnight is best. 

Once you’re ready to fry, fill up one mixing pan with one container of yellow mustard. 

Take venison out of Italian Dressing/Mountain Dew marinade and lather in yellow mustard.

Make sure your chunks of venison have a nice even coat of mustard before moving to the batter. 

Fill another mixing pan with your House Autry Chicken Batter.

Give your mustard covered venison chunks an even coat of House Autry Chicken Batter.

Once your venison chunks are covered in mustard and batter, drop them directly into the grease. This is simple, but important. Dropping them directly into the grease at 325 degrees helps the batter stick to the meat.

Let the venison cook in the rice oil. Be sure you don’t overcook the meat; you lose some of the juicy flavor when you do! Three to five minutes is about perfect.

After three to five minutes, take your golden brown fried venison chunks out of the rice oil and let them cool down a bit. 

After they’ve cooled off, it’s time to dig in! You’re gonna be surprised, and love the flavor. Serve with a side of choice, or as an appetizer. Fried venison makes great finger food!

Tune in next month to see one of my favorite ways of cooking venison on the grill!

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