Bassing gear: The unprovens

When you walk down the lure aisle at your favorite tackle shop, do you look at an unusual creation and say, “Look at that stupid thing?”

Who hasn’t? We’ve all seen plenty of odd-looking, gimmicky baits that seemingly were created to catch naive anglers and not necessarily fish.

On the other hand, we really shouldn’t let our traditional bias interfere with forward thinking.

Heard of the Whopper Plopper? There’s a classic example of how predetermined notions can clutter our brains with inaccurate perceptions.

The Plopper was mocked by a lot of anglers when it was launched a few years ago. Today, it’s one of America’s hottest-selling lures and a proven big-bass catcher.

At Bassmaster, we decided to take a closer look at some of last year’s unusual lure introductions that might be worth consideration.

Below are five we selected because their appearance likely could trigger a few sneers. But after reading about their merits, you might determine they’re worth a second chance, as well.