Three episodes of The Cast debut this weekend

After last weekend’s debut, The Cast presented by Bass Pro Shops continues this weekend with the debut of three new episodes. Tune in Saturday to learn more or Ray Scott’s history as well as Bill Dance’s rise to popularity.

The series is produced by JM Associates, the award-winning production company that produces the award-winning The Bassmasters, Bassmaster LIVE and related programming airing on FS1, Fox Sports and 

Jan 13, 8 a.m.: B.A.S.S. in the 80s (Ray Scott Part II)

By the 1980s, B.A.S.S. was gaining national media notoriety while membership swelled to nearly 500,000. The Bassmasters TV series debuted in 1984 to capture the drama as it unfolded on the water. The show followed the Bassmaster Tournament Trail, while exposing how-to knowledge never seen before. Scott would also sell B.A.S.S. to Helen Sevier, his second employee while he remained as the front man. 

Jan. 13, 8:30 a.m.: B.A.S.S. in the 90s (Ray Scott Part III)

B.A.S.S. in the 90s was best described as explosive and exciting. A legend won his fourth Bassmaster Classic, while another hero retired. Another became the first B.A.S.S. millionaire. And out of nowhere, a burger flipper from the Northeast won the sport’s most coveted title. Rick Clunn scored a dramatic come-from-behind fourth Bassmaster Classic win. Bryan Kerchal, a B.A.S.S. club member from Connecticut, won the 1994 Classic, while Hank Parker retired to pursue his television show and industry interests. 

Jan. 13, 9 a.m.: B.A.S.S. Superstar Bill Dance

Dance, a furniture salesman from Memphis, Tenn., caught the first bass in Scott’s 1967 All-American tournament, a harbinger of great things to come. Dance went on to become the sport’s first superstar, fueled by his outgoing charisma, business savvy and angling success, all of it leading to the Bill Dance Outdoors show that defined him.