Red River Central Open: Day 2 weigh-in

Check out all of the action from the Day 2 weigh-in at the St. Croix Bassmaster Central Open at Red River presented by Mossy Oak Fishing.
Caleb Sumrall, 12th place (17-7)
Matt Michael, 13th place co-angler (8-5)
John Garrett, 18th place (16-11)
John Higginbotham, 11th place co-angler (8-7)
David Gaston, 3rd place (23-15)
Greg Hackney, 2nd place (25-8)
Andrew Harp, 3rd place co-angler (10-4)
Bill McNutt, 169th place (2-10)
Joey Nania, 5th place (19-12)
Chris Johnson, 14th place (17-2)
D.J. Ellis, 77th place (10-5)
Harvey Horne, 93rd place (8-15)
Michael Scalise, 1st place co-angler (12-5)
Marshall Hughes, 54th place (13-1)
Dane Thibodeaux, 6th place (19-3)
Keith Poche, 1st place (26-6)
Kenta Kimura, 7th place (18-9)
Chad Murray 87th place (9-7)
Jim Dillard, 88th place (9-5)
Christian Kuper, 30th place co-angler (6-7)
Scott Ashmore, 49th place (13-5)
Kyle Norsetter, 10th place (18-0)
Shannon Denson, 122nd place (6-13)
Hugh Cosculluela, 50th place (13-5)
Austin Cranford, 21st place (16-8)
Jimmy Washam, 4th place (20-1)
Gary Caruso, 40th place (13-14)
Kyle Owen, 108th place (8-3)
Skip Rayborn, 4th place co-angler (9-11)
Michael Scalise, 1st place co-angler (12-5)
Tim Neumann, 2nd place co-angler (11-15)
Andrew Harp, 3rd place co-angler (10-4)