Afternoon on Ross Barnett with LeBrun

Catch up with Nick LeBrun as he takes on the final afternoon of the 2022 St. Croix Bassmaster Central Open at Ross Barnett presented by Mossy Oak Fishing!

Nick LeBrun began the final day of the Central Open in second place, 5 pounds behind Elite Series pro Lee Livesay.
LeBrun not only cut the lead during early on Championship Saturday, but he actually took over the top spot, according to BASSTrakk.
When we caught up with him, LeBrun was working Pelahatchie Bay pad fields with a white vibrating jig.
The young angler fan casted the pads, covering water as quickly as possible and keeping his lure in the water.
LeBrun was focusing on very shallow water. He would often pole down so he could thoroughly fan-cast an area.
Bass were scattered throughout the pads, although they weren't always keepers.
LeBrun makes a move to another area of the bay.
However, his focus remained shallow water covered with pads.
He took time to work inches-deep water around a small island just off the boat channel. "I caught a 3-pounder here right off the bat this morning," LeBrun explained.
After 15 or 20 minutes, he pulled up the trolling motor and moved again.
I had just picked up my camera after running to the new position when LeBrun set the hook.
This bass wasn't huge, but it was definitely one he wanted to check.
After weighing the latest bass and what was his smallest fish in the livewell, LeBrun pulled out the balance beam.
"No help," LeBrun said, as he dropped the basss back in the water.