Star brite helps lead the Alabama Charge

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — If you're looking for products that will help keep your engines running right and your boat and tow vehicle looking great, Star brite has them. With more than 800 unique products and over 1,400 SKUs, the company is a major player in the marine, automotive, RV, power sports and lawn and garden industries. Until this past week's Alabama Charge presented by Star brite, however, they were new to B.A.S.S. and the Bassmaster Elite Series.

"Those of us who work at Star brite are our own customers," says Executive Vice President Greg Dornau. "Long before I became involved with the company, I was an angler and a boater. It's gratifying to work in an industry I'm passionate about and to create products that make my hobbies more enjoyable. You could say that during the week, I work for the products; on the weekend, the products work for me."

The connection between B.A.S.S. and Star brite for the Alabama Charge on the Alabama River was a natural one. Montgomery was the birthplace of B.A.S.S., and it's also the home of Star brite's manufacturing facility.

"We're unusual in that we produce both oil- and water-based products under one roof," says Dornau. "Most of our business — about 70 percent — is related to the marine industry. Anglers and boaters probably know us best for our fuel treatment and cleaning products. And if they don't know our products under the Star brite name, there's still a good chance they've used them since we make products for several of the major marine retailers."

Greg Dornau, Executive Vice President of Star brite

Star brite's engine products include oils and lubricants, coolants, and fuel additives like Star Tron. Their cleaning products include polishes, washes and a variety of all-purpose cleaners. They also make a line of cleaning tools — brushes, wipes, sponges and mitts.

"We believe in bringing the best technology to the sport," Dornau explains, "and we're always looking for an opportunity to make our products better and easier to use. Star brite is a family-owned company, and bass fishing is a family-oriented sport. We're really excited about our involvement with B.A.S.S. and thrilled to be part of the Alabama Charge. It was a great experience for us."

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