Shimano launches college and high school program


Tyler Wade McCollum
The Shimano Experience Team has been traveling the country teaching young anglers about the sport. Now, Shimano is reaching out to high school and college anglers on a larger scale.

LADSON, S.C. — Young anglers can benefit from Shimano’s new high school and college fishing program.

According to Steve Ferrara, vice president of Shimano Fishing, the program aims to introduce and educate high school and college anglers on Shimano tackle to help them have more fishing success, create lifetime relationships even beyond their time on the water, and open their eyes and teach young anglers about the sustainable use of the resource.

“We want them to further appreciate the sport in more ways than just catching a big bass,” Ferrara said.

Frank Hyla, Shimano’s youth fishing coordinator, will lead the program, which will include a Varsity purchase program, a monthly e-newsletter and other opportunities. Conservation education and a scholarship program will also be included. In addition, the Shimano Experience Team will attend select high school and college tournaments.

“Through Frank and our team’s efforts, we’ve designed our high school and college angling program to be much more than just have having these student anglers use our tackle,” said Ferrara.

“Our plans include not only helping them pursue their passion for competitive fishing, but also guide and mentor them as they navigate their way to potential careers in the sportfishing, outdoors or natural resources fields.

A website for the Shimano youth program will launch in January 2017. In the meantime, interested anglers can join the Facebook group at this link.

To learn more, email Hyla at [email protected].