The Power-Pole CHARGE is a game changer for serious anglers

Since its release to the public earlier this year, the Power-Pole CHARGE Marine Power Management Station has become one of the most talked about marine accessories to hit the market.

As evident by the 16 competitors who used the CHARGE during this year’s Bassmaster Classic in Alabama, the CHARGE system is quickly becoming an essential tool for anglers on the Bassmaster Elite Series. We talked to some of the biggest names on the tour currently using the CHARGE to find out why the power management station is a must have for every hardcore angler.

CHARGE is an all-in-one solution

Top level anglers tend to have a lot of accessories on their boats and there is only so much room in those hatches. The CHARGE effectively replaces three different accessories on your boat so that means it will take up a lot less space freeing up room for more tackle and other essential gear.  

“The CHARGE is very convenient because you just plug in to the one cord and it’s done,” John Crews said. “In the past I’ve had to use add-on chargers because the onboard chargers weren’t made to stay in boats. The CHARGE is a totally different deal.”