Line up for success

Fishing’s inherently dynamic nature just about guarantees that a day’s success will require some form of adjustment. Changing bait colors, hooks and weight sizes are commonplace, but changing line on the water is an often daunting skill set that every angler should master.

Maybe you need to upsize or downsize to fit water clarity or strategic sink rates. Maybe the sky’s grown dark and you could benefit from a high-vis line. And, as we all know, nicks happen.

Whatever the case, the ability to expeditiously replace line on the fly ensures a seamless and time-efficient operation by keeping you in the moment with the specific outfit you need.

Now, surely, just about everyone who actively respools afloat has their own method; from holding the filler spool between their feet to using a plastic container to maintain tension. Pro Todd Faircloth’s no exception, and he recently demonstrated his well-conceived technique.

For starters, organization equals efficiency so Faircloth stores a selection of Sunline fluorocarbon, monofilament and braid in a latching plastic bin that fits securely in one of his rod boxes. He’ll stock this container with the likely line choices relevant to the fishery with the common denominator being his backing spools. (More on this in a moment.)