Good time to recap

We’re at the Sabine River and while I’m getting ready to write this, I’m preparing for the event. In fact, by the time you read this, the event is probably behind us, and I’d have a little bit more data to share, but here are my thoughts about my year so far on the 2023 Bassmaster Elite Series season.

After five events I’m currently in 24th place in the Progressive Bassmaster Angler of the Year points series, and I’m looking at how I go there. In a season like we have, it’s not about the great events or the good ones, it’s often about how you do in the others. It is about saving points at individual events when you don’t have your best stuff, and some events stand out as those events. In other words, sometimes it’s about turning 80th-place finishes into 50th place.

I’ve had a few of those that have been a big difference for me this year. Lake Seminole, Santee Cooper Lakes and Lay Lake were all events that started out looking less than ideal, and I was able to make something happen and save considerable points.

I started Lake Seminole in 49th place on Day 1 and jumped to 18th place. At Santee Cooper Lakes, I started the event in the Top 10, but struggled and fell to 34th on Day 2. My 27-pound bag on Day 3 moved me back into fourth place, and I finished second overall. I started Lay Lake in 70th place on Day 1, moved into 49th place and eventually moved up to finish 30th place.

All together that is a 103-point swing in my standings, and while I haven’t held a blue trophy, I count all of those as a win for me in the standings. Not only is it a win when it comes to having a realistic chance to make it into the 2024 Bassmaster Classic in Tulsa, but it’s an extra chunk of money that I get to deposit into my bank account instead of going home empty-handed.

That leaves us with the Sabine River and the Northern Swing left this year. Those northern events are going to be heavyweight affairs. Every one of those fisheries has constantly put out big weights and had impressive tournaments every time we’ve been there. The Sabine River this week is going to be a tough one for the field. There are a lot of different factors and variables, but it will make for a good event.

I feel comfortable with this event, not because of the fishery itself, but because it is a cerebral event. We will have to think our way through it and be creative. Decision making will be key, and I’ve spent hours researching tides and on Google Earth to make a plan.

Several years ago, I figured out a strategy to help me fish better on tidal waters, and when I started following that strategy, I’ve done better. I hope that it works for me this week and that by the time you’re reading this, I’ve had another decent event and saved a few more points.

Talk to you again soon.