Gear Review: Aqua-Vu 715C underwater viewing system

What is it?

Aqua-Vu 715C Underwater Viewing System

What sets it apart?

Twenty years after pioneering the category in 1997, Aqua-Vu has given its 715C Underwater Viewing System a significant upgrade by making its XD Camera Housing standard on this affordable unit. A fishing-centric, modular viewing system designed for maximum versatility, the housing is compatible with an assortment of mountable accessories that help see beyond computer-generated sonar readings. Viewing underwater terrain from overhead, below and sideways provides a clear understanding of all the habitat, forage and predators therein.

How do I use it?

Aqua-Vu’s XD Camera mounts to an expanding line of viewing accessories via the Quick Attachment System. Expanding the underwater viewing experience with strategic first-person perspective, accessory options include the XD Trolling Fin and Dorsal Fin, Live Strike, XD Flood Light and Pole Cam adaptor. The latter proves especially helpful for peeking under docks and into standing timber. Best part is that Aqua-Vu’s XD system shows you the underwater action live on the 7-inch sunlight-viewable LCD display (recordable via the AV Connect smartphone). The Aqua-Vue 715C Underwater Viewing System includes a 50-foot cable and adjustable IR Lighting, 12-volt battery and charger and Custom Storage Bag.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

What does that bottom look like? What specific color patterns do the bluegill, baitfish or crawdads present? How are the fish relating to specific cover like rocks with weeds. On a dock or bridge, which section and water column position do the fish tend to favor? And here’s a good one: How many big fish are down there? Peeking below the surface can show you plenty. Even weeding out spots thick with drum, carp or other undesirables can benefit your bottom line by preventing you from wasting time on dud spots and spending it more judiciously elsewhere.