Deeper into lure tinkering


All photos Mark Hicks

Drew Cook made this suspending jerkbait sink by upsizing to heavier treble hooks.

Few anglers are as fanatical about tinkering with lures as Florida Bassmaster Elite Series pro Drew Cook. He often spends hours casting into his mother-in-law’s swimming pool so he can see how lures respond to his relentless tweaking.

He has learned that even subtle modifications can make a significant difference, especially with suspending jerkbaits. One of Cook’s favorite tricks is to put heavier hooks and split rings on suspending jerkbaits to make them sink.

“You’d be surprised how little of a change makes a difference,” Cook said. “I’ve got some jerkbaits to sink one foot a second.”

He upsizes the rear hook and split ring when he wants a jerkbait to slide backwards as it sinks. With the Spro McStick 110 jerkbait, he goes with a No. 2 Gamakatsu G Finesse hook and a “beefed up” split ring.