Daily Limit: Best of 2018

It’s time to ring in 2019, but it’s also time to look back at 2018. While there was a repeat winner of the Bassmaster Classic for only the third time along with a great number of other extraordinary events, the year was dominated by the 50th anniversary of B.A.S.S.

The Daily Limit counts down its top 10 posts from the year – heavy on the Golden Anniversary – but let’s start with a couple stories that deserve honorable mention. The first is on Billy Meyers, a B.A.S.S. roadie who’s just another of the friendly faces interacting with anglers at the variety of tournament venues. Bassmaster anglers for years have espoused that the organization is a big family, and Meyers is one who helps you feel part of that.

The second honorable mention is one of those geek jobs, as, after seeing a number of angler encounters with alligators, the Daily Limit was curious as to how gators interacted with bass, especially since there seems to be at least one Bassmaster event in gator country every year. 

The third is on Gerald Swindle. He finished 10th in the Classic, but he accomplished his goal to fish Championship Sunday and, if not for a mechanical malfunction, might have been in better position to win.

Now on to the top 10 countdown.

10. Prayers for guardian angel

“Mr. Fisherman Walker” is how Brandon Ardister’s youngest son addresses David Walker in family prayers. Walker is included in their nightly ritual because, during practice for the 2015 Classic, he became the family’s guardian angel by saving Ardister from drowning in Lake Hartwell. This story was revisited upon the Classic’s return there in 2018.

9. Lee’s Classic perspective

A number of anglers have been overcome with emotion when they accomplish something fantastic in the bass fishing world, like winning. So it goes that young Jordan Lee, 26, was a tearful mess at times after becoming only the third angler to win back-to-back Classics. Yeah, you bet there’s crying in fishing.

8. Doggonit to dreamland for Mercers

The arrival of a service dog for Dave Mercer’s autistic daughter turned tragic for a while. The Bassmaster emcee had been riding the high of becoming the youngest inductee into the Canadian Angler Hall of Fame when the frightened pooch ran away, which resulted in a search that helped restore faith in humanity. Click here for the Hollywood ending.

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