Daily Limit: Prayers for guardian angel


David Walker received commendations for saving Brandon Ardister from drowning the last time the GEICO Bassmaster Classic came to Lake Hartwell.

David Walker gained some ardent fans when the GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by DICK'S Sporting Goods last visited Lake Hartwell – fans who are giving their “guardian angel” a life’s worth of gratitude.

Around noon on Sunday, Feb. 15, 2015, Walker saved Brandon Ardister from drowning in Hartwell. Now Ardister and his family can’t thank the Elite Series angler enough.

“David Walker, he gets prayers every night,” the Elberton, Ga., man said. “Me and my boys, we take turns. Prayers never stop.

“My youngest one, Zaiden (6), he even takes over. He really enjoys it. It’s funny, when he leads prayers, he calls him Mr. Fisherman Walker.”

Cuteness aside, the boys realize had it not been for Walker arriving where he did, when he did, and acting, their father would not be there for them. Since he was struggling in practice, Walker deciding to make a run down lake near the dam, where a commotion at a boat ramp piqued his interest. He moved closer to decipher the hubbub, then saw and pulled Ardister from the 40-degree water.

Later that week, Ardister was invited to Greenville for the Classic weigh-in as a guest of the Walkers. Ardister’s mother had died exactly one year before the accident, and he said he believed Walker was a guardian angel sent by her.

'Still here with my boys!'

“We here! Going on three years now. What a life change. I'm still here with my boys!”

Ardister posted those words on Facebook with a picture of the ramp where Walker dropped him. Paramedics warmed the 6-7, 340-pound man inside an ambulance, and he quickly recovered.

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