2023 Bassmaster Classic Champion Jeff Gustafson appears on the We Fish ASA Podcast

The Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources unanimously approved the bill.

He is the Champion! Canada’s Jeff Gustafson is the winner of the 2023 Bassmaster Classic! The Classic, commonly called “The Super Bowl of bass fishing,” was won by “Gussy” on the Tennessee River system out of Knoxville.  Gustafson had the tournament lead after the first day of competition, as well as the second day. He ran the table with an incredible performance on the third and final day to claim the top prize. Gustafson is the first Canadian to take home the prize for winning the most prestigious event in the world of professional fishing. Jeff Gustafson is not only a phenomenal fisherman, he is also one of the nicest human beings in the sport. He is loved and respected, not only by his legion of fans, but also by his competitors, as well. Listen to a great guy explain how he beat a field that included dozens of the top anglers in the world of bass fishing.

The interview with Jeff Gustafson is available at https://www.wefishasa.com/episode-354-april-5-2023/

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