Tuf-Line XP

What is it?

Tuf-Line XP, a braided line.

What does it do?

Tuf-Line claims that the qualities of its XP line are what got it named the official line of Mann’s Alabama Rig.

Why do I need it?

To heave he hulking contraption that is the Alabama Rig! And to winch in any fish unfortunate enough to bite.

How do I use it?

Spool it up, and don’t backlash — braid is always a pain to undo.

What sets it apart?

The line boasts Tension Lock Technology, which simply means that the line is created under high pressure. The process is said to make the roundest and most compact braid on the market. The smaller diameter of the line allows greater casting distance. XP is dyed white, green, yellow or red. Tests available are 65,80, and 100.

How much?


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