Terminator Titanium Rig

What is it?

Terminator’s Titanium Rig.

What does it do?

Like any other umbrella rig; it presents multiple baits with one rig or lure.

Why do I need it?

You don’t if you live in a state where multiple-bait rigs are prohibited, but otherwise, you’re missing out on a heckuva lot of fun if you haven’t thrown one of these things.

How do I use it?

Slide a few swimbaits or jerkbaits onto an equal number of jigheads, then snap ‘em on and get to heaving this thing.

What sets it apart?

Like Terminator spinnerbaits, the arms of this rig are made of patented SnapBack Titanium which is said to never need re-bending because it holds its shape perfectly regardless of the abuse you subject it to. It’s also fairly lightweight for its size. It’s pre-rigged with 75-pound snap swivels and a retainer ring that slides down the arms to keep them under wraps when the rig is not in use. Four head colors are available as well.

How much?

$22.49 (titanium) or $9.49 (stainless steel)

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