St. Croix’s new Legend Tournament Bass Dock Sniper debuts at Classic

Park Falls, WI – Every angler has their own arena. Some are known for their crankbait casting skills; some for their Carolina- or Texas-rigging competency; others, perhaps, a finesse prowess like no other. But if there’s one method for landing even more bass than ones go-to system may be able to produce, it’s fishing docks.

Dock fishing is a year-round means of catching bass with a multitude of techniques; with spring and fall seeing numbers of fish, while the winter and summer months it’s fewer but bigger ones. And dock fishing has helped countless tournament anglers place in the money, as they skip, flip and pitch an array of different baits into tight quarters.

But while there are several methods for catching bass from docks and other snag-infested structure that have been conjured up over the years, there hasn’t been a rod perfect for placing heavy offerings in precise places that can also hoof a hefty bucketmouth out from heavy cover.

With that thought in mind, the rodsmiths at St. Croix created the Legend Tournament Bass Dock Sniper (LBC70HF). But don’t let the name fool you; this rod is a multi-tool for getting baits in the bullseye in all sorts of situations.

“Dock fishing is a strong winning pattern on any lake,” says Brian Snowden, Bassmaster tournament pro whose career winnings are tickling the million-dollar mark. “But it takes a special rod to be able to make an accurate cast to any nook and cranny where a big bass might be hiding.

“St. Croix’s new Legend Tournament Dock Sniper has an excellent tip action that allows me to quietly place my lure where it needs to be, and its strong backbone gives me the ability to get a good hook set and then maneuver fish over and around cables and other obstacles that might interfere with landing any fish, let alone a big one.”

The Dock Sniper’s 7-foot length allows anglers to seamlessly skip lures long distances. Its heavy-power, fast-action blank is constructed of high-modulus/high-strain SCIV graphite with FRS. Combined with Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) mandrel technology and Advanced Reinforcing Technology™ (ART™), this USA built blank delivers unparalleled sensitivity and strength.

“Anyone who’s picked it up and deflected the tip of the Legend Tournament Bass Dock Sniper knew it possessed the perfect feel,” says Dan Johnston, National Accounts Manager for St. Croix Rods. “It's a versatile rod that lets you present a variety of baits in all types of cover and can hit the spot in confined spaces. Heck, you can even tie up a spinnerbait and give it a long-distance cast.”

Designed for 14- to 25-pound test and 3/8- to 1 ½-ounce lures, the Dock Sniper joins the Legend Tournament Bass series, and comes complete with Fuji® K-Series Concept Tangle Free guides with Alconite® rings – ideal for braid, monofilament and fluorocarbon lines. A Fuji® PTS blank-touch reel seat and split-grip super-grade cork handle are light in weight and allows for superior sensitivity. Machined-aluminum wind check and trim pieces, as well Kigan hook-keeper, are enveloped with two coats of Flex-Coat slow cure finish.

Designed and built in the USA, the Legend Tournament Bass Dock Sniper carries a 15-year transferable warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service. Retails for $290.

Are the bass biting big baits? Are they holding tight to pylons or other super heavy structure? Plop your lure in the precise place with the Dock Sniper. Tap, tap… Set the hook and bring that big fish aboard.