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The new Z-Man GobyZ

Poured with extra soft, malleable 10X Tough ElaZtech, the TRD GobyZ compresses easily, delivering effortless hooksets.
Goby eating smallmouth grow to gargantuan proportions.
The TRD GobyZ is a natural fit for a compact football jig, such as the Z-Man Football NedZ
Coupled with a rock-roving football jig, the bait’s built-in buoyancy keeps it up and in bass strike zones at all times.
The bait’s resilient ElaZtech material is so tough it often outlasts the jighead itself. 
Beyond standard Ned rigging, the TRD GobyZ performs at a high level on a drop shot.
The toughness of the bait’s 10X Tough ElaZtech material allows for simple nose hooking — it’s almost impossible for the TRD GobyZ to tear off the hook.
Although round gobies lack a swim bladder and don’t often swim high in the water column, a buoyant, drop-shot rigged TRD GobyZ gets eaten like live bait. 
Even in smaller inland lakes lacking gobies, the TRD GobyZ attracts aggressive bites from fish that mistake the bait for sculpin or other bottom-dwelling baitfish.
The TRD GobyZ features 10 striking patterns, including everyone’s favorite, Green Pumpkin (shown).
Z-Man TRD GobyZ – PB&J
Z-Man TRD GobyZ – Goby Bryant
Yoga Pants
Canada Craw
Hot Snakes
The Deal
Green Pumpkin Goby
Rigging options abound (L to R) – on a drop shot, Finesse BulletZ and Football NedZ jighead.
An erratic drag-and-stop retrieve mimics the goby’s cartoonish dance, which entices giants like this.
Gobies and smallmouth live in picturesque places. 
‘Nuff said.
Z-Man’s 2.4-inch TRD GobyZ lands in October!