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New kayaks and gear at ICAST

Every year at ICAST, one of the ever-growing areas is kayaks and kayak accessories. Here’s a look at some of the latest and greatest, starting with this NRS Pike Pro inflatable in the New Product Showcase.
This Esquif Adrondack Elite Angler canoe weighs only 45 pounds, and while it isn’t a kayak, you could get some fishing done in it for sure.
This sleek Mirage Passport 12.0 R is the latest from Hobie.
This was the strangest “kayak” at ICAST. The Trident Explorer uses a rotating foot paddle, integrated wheels and a huge fishing platform.
YakAttack’s Blackpacks are showing up on tons of kayaks these days, and they’ve added these divider cords inside so you can stow your tackle trays and whatever else easily.
Yakattack also added rotating rod holders to their Blackpak, in case you need a lower profile going under a tree or tunnel.
Also, new colors for their line of kayak accessories.
Here’s their three sizes of Blackpak.
Bonafide didn’t have a new kayak this year, but hey were showing off this new color of their SS127.
Hobie is raising money for Ukraine with these special kayaks.
AFTCO has some very smart kayak shorts this year. Watch them describe them here.
St. Croix Rods has a special line of rods created just for kayak anglers called the Mojo Yak.
Mustang Survival has you covered if you are going on a real adventure in your kayak with their Beacon Dry Suit.
NuCanoe was showing off their plug and play mounting system for the first time.
If you need power on your kayak, Dakota Lithium has a solution for you.
Old Town wasn’t showing a new kayak, but some interesting ways to rig them. Check it out here.
And, of course, Star Brite makes a product designed to keep your kayak fresh and clean.