Inside Elite Boats: Justin Hamner

This is 2024 Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Classic Champion standing along side the boat that helped him claim the title.
Let’s take a look inside Justin Hamner’s 2024 Falcon F20 predator Powered by a Yamaha 250 SHO.
A Garmin Force trolling motor pulls around his Falcon Bass Boat.
Hamner runs the Saltwater LVS 62 transducer for perspective mode, and an LVS 34 for his forward imaging.
Hamner runs three graphs on his bow, one for forward LiveScope, one for perspective mode LiveScope and one for mapping.
For his forward LiveScope, Hamner favors the Garmin 8612 (top). Beneath, he runs dual ECHOMAP Ultra 126sv 2s for Perspective mode and mapping.
A look at the massive storage compartments in Hamner’s Falcon.
Falcon Boats have a unique design where the three main compartments open vertically, unlike most boats on the market.
No shortage of space in the rod locker.
Hamner will carry anywhere from 50 to 60 rods in his Falcon during practice and won’t take many out by the start of the tournament.
Some of Hamner’s Halo Rods he is rigging for the 2024 Florida Swing.
His center storage compartment houses the majority of his tackle.
Hamner pulls out one of his favorite boxes, his frog box.
Who doesn’t love throwing a frog?
These two are part of the Zoo Series Collection from Snag Proof. The Zoo Pop (left) and Zoo Dog (right) allow Hamner to fish with a popper and spook style bait in heavy cover situations.
Here’s a look at Hamner’s flipping jig box.
This Black and Blue 5/8-ounce Freedom Tackle FT Flipping Jig is a sure-enough fish catcher.
Hamner keeps this day box filled with his favorite soft plastics.
More tackle goes in the starboard rod locker.
One of Hamner’s favorites, the Netbait BF Toad.
He stays strapped with scissors and pliers.
Another day box is filled with miscellaneous items.
Not the hat I’d wear in Florida, but Hamner seems to like it.
His cooler is full after three full days of practice.
Let’s take a look at Hamner’s console setup
He runs two more Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 126sv 2s for his mapping and imaging.
He mounts a Power-Pole switch on the side for easy access as well as a line spooler to aid him when rigging tackle.
Hamner’s center box contains a variety of daily necessities. But most importantly, his Redfin Polarized glasses.
Hamner favors Redfins’ Outer Banks frames.
You already know he stays stocked up on MILO’S Sweet Tea.
Hamner loves filling his Falcon livewells with big ones.
He keeps this rear compartment filled with more tackle.
A look into Hamner’s swimjig box.
Behind the driver’s seat are more necessities for Hamner including graph covers, life jackets and a tool box.
You never know when you’ll need tools on the water.
As we make our way to the stern, we reach the massive battery compartment of Hamner’s F20 Predator.
Hamner runs three 36v 40 Ah X2s for his trolling motor, two 12v 125 Ah X2s for his electronics and an X2 Group 31 AGM for his cranking battery.
This is Hamner’s first year running a Yamaha, and he couldn’t be happier, “The motor is so quiet and the hole-shot has blown my mind,” says Hamner.
A pair of 10 foot Power-Pole Blades surround the Yamaha.
New for this year, Hamner is running the Power-Brake Sidekicks to help position his boat when fishing off the bank.
A T-H Marine Atlas Hydraulic Jackplate gets his Yamaha in the position he needs it to be.
We had to get a picture of the Classic champ with his trophy
Thanks for the tour, Justin!