Inside Elite Boats: Bryan New

Take an inside look at Bryan New’s 2023 rig that he’ll be running throughout the 2023 Bassmaster Elite Series season.
New puts his trust in a Falcon F20 Predator powered by a 250-horsepower Yamaha SHO.
If you follow New on social media, you’ve probably heard him use the phrase “Don’t Suck” in relation to fishing tournaments. He keeps a sticker on the head of his trolling motor as a reminder throughout the day.
The South Carolinian’s Minn Kota Ultrex 112 is littered with transducers from a number of different manufacturers.
His Garmin LiveScope Transducer is mounted on a Fish Obsessed mount that gets the transducer away from the shaft of the trolling motor as well as his Humminbird 360 transducer.
New has three graphs at the bow of the boat – a Garmin 1222 for LiveScope, Humminbird Helix 12 for 360 MegaLive and LakeMaster mapping and Lowrance Live 12 for 2D down and mapping. All three graphs are mounted on a GeigerTec Marine Products Triple Mount.
On to the console!
Two graphs are mounted at the Console of the boat. New uses his Humminbird Helix 12 for side imaging and LakeMaster mapping and a Lowrance HDS 12 for 2D Sonar. An additional GeigerTech Mount is added in case he wants to add a Humminbird Helix 10 for additional mapping.
Both of New’s console graphs are mounted with a GeigerTech Dual Mount.
A Yamaha CL5 Gauge is used to monitor the outboard system.
A closer look at the switchboard.
In the Elite series events that started the 2023 season, New kept a push pole handy behind the seats.
New keeps a notebook that is used as a logbook of fuel consumption. He enters the gallons added when fueling and subtracts the fuel consumption as a backup to the Yamaha CL5 system. “I keep track of how much fuel I have.”
A Scosche Magnetice Mount is attached to the side of the console that allows him to attach a few of his tools.
Also on the console is a DD26 Spool Stix Line Winding Tool. This allows New to spool up reels with ease while in the boat.
The console between the seat is home to a variety of miscellaneous items.
Amongst those items is a couple extra pairs of Leupold Sunglasses.
Another item is a case that holds all of his mapping chips for his electronics.
New keeps a number of “lucky charms” in the boat. One is this old balsa crankbait that was given to him by his first boss who managed the tackle store where New worked.
The cooler is full of waters, Redbulls and a sandwich.
New heads to the bow of the boat and shows off the layout of his F20 Predator.
The rod box is fully loaded with Ark Rods and reels.
Having a large, deep rod box is a must for New as he likes to keep as many Ark combos in the boat as possible. He also mentioned that this was his first season using reel covers to protect his Ark Gravity Reels.
Unlike a lot of boats on the market, the F20 rod lockers open vertically which makes access extremely easy from outside or inside the boat.
New pulls out a bait that he’s really excited about – the new Zoom Uni Toad Swimbait.
He had a variety of different colors in the boat before the start of the the Okeechobee Elite.
New is known to be quite the tackle junky, so it’s not surprising to see his boat loaded down with all kinds of tackle.
The warm Florida weather had frog fishing on his mind, so he pulls out his box full of Spro frogs.
He keeps a solid variety of colors in the box.
The bottom of the main lid features a bait hanger where New puts baits that he just cut off.
Having a plethora of Gamakatsu hooks is a must for New in any tournament.
He dedicates an entire deep 3700 style box to just treble hooks.
And he does the same thing for his regular hooks.
He also keeps a bag full of Sunline Fluorocarbon at the ready.
The small box on the driver’s side of the boat is a new Falcon feature. A removable tray is added to the top of the compartment that can be used as a day box for all the baits he thinks he’ll need for that day.
This tray was filled with Zoom plastics.
Under the tray was the all new Spro Flappin Frog 65.
On to the battery well!
New relies on Lithium Pros to power his boat. He runs a Lithium Pros N32215 12v 215Ah battery for cranking and two 50 Ah 26V batteries in parallel for his electronics.
New also carries an old school orange lifejacket in the boat that has a backstory. When he was still fishing as a co-angler, he and Bryan Thrift realized that they were one lifejacket short in the boat, so they went to a small convenience store to buy one. It ended up being good luck as he had a great finish in the event with this lifejacket, hence the reason he keeps it around.
Another “good luck” item in the boat is this stuffed llama that his daughter Braylen gave him. He said he tried to explain to her that Seth Feider was the llama, but he keeps it around anyways.
As required in the Elite Series rules, New keeps a GoPro mounted to the back of the boat.
When fishing in shallow water, New relies heavily on his 8-foot Power-Pole Blades.
He adds chair leg caps to the bottom of the Blades to eliminate the loud noises when fishing around rocky bottom.
New mentioned that he has loved running the new Yamaha Vmax SHO.
A 10-inch T-H Marine Atlas Hydraulic Jackplate allows him to easily operate in shallow-water situations.
Thanks for the tour, Bryan!