ICAST: 2023 New Product Showcase

See the new products on display at the New Product Showcase at ICAST 2023!

Take an inside look at the New Product Showcase at the 2023 ICAST show!
Missile Baits Bomba: The Bomba 3.5 is a is a thick finesse, craw body worm that casts and skips like a rocket. Think combination of a Ned Rig and Senko. The bait visually looks like a crawfish with no appendages, and has a hook slot in the belly for easy hook sets. The Bomba 3.5 is mostly fished Texas rigged weightless to erratically fall to the bottom while gliding, rocking, and even going away from you at times. The bait excels on spinning and casting outfits, and is basically snag resistant. The Bomba 3.5 is available in eight colors, including new Candy Crushed and Green Pumpkin Diablo.
Strike King Rage Hawk: The Rage Hawk is 3.25″ and features a super compact profile, with two Rage arms extending from the side of the bait. It is able to fit up to a 5/0 hook in its smaller body style, increasing hook up ratios and presenting fish with the perfect, snack-sized bite for finicky bass.
Spro Craw Nugget: The Craw Nugget was designed in conjunction with pro angler Shin Fukae. It is made in Japan with a heavy, fast sinking plastic formula. Each Craw Nugget weighs ¾ oz and is made to be Texas rigged with out a sinker. The heavy weight allows it to reach deep brush piles, offshore structure or deep submerged grass lines. The design makes it look like a fleeing crawfish when twitched and embarks a “walk the dog” action. The Craw Nugget can also easily be skipped under docks.
Rapala CrushCity Bronco Bug: Welcome to CrushCity, Custom soft plastics that have been built in collaboration between Rapala and Jacob Wheeler to create “the soft baits I need to win tournaments.” Smart iniection technology combines custom combinations of color, flake, salt and scent precisely where needed for the perfect presentation. Meet the most unique of them all, the CrushCity Bronco Bug that has the most lifelike action with a snapback “bronco kick” when he lands, imitating a defensive craw.
Yamamoto Ichi Worm: The all-new Ichi Worm, the design paired with the formula sets this big worm apart from its competitors. By utilizing the ribbed body much akin to our popular Slink, the Ichi Worm offers a bulky profile that displaces water and releases bubbles. The combination of the ribbon tail, bulky ringed body, and our Mega Floater Formula ensures that the Ichi stands up and moves with ease.
Nomad Vertex MAX FR: Nomad’s World-Famous Vertex ‘Vibe’ makes its debut in Fresh Water with the Vertex MAX FR soft bodied vibe. Using the same body style as its famous older sibling, the Saltwater Vibe, Nomad has added super sharp BKK Spear hooks and dressed them up in the best freshwater fish catching colors available. The body of the Vertex MAX FR is made from super soft yet tough TPE plastic and is a completely silent Lipless Crankbait that thumps like a house party. The Vertex MAX FR comes in three sizes.
American Baitworks Co. Zoo Pop: The Zoo Pop from Snag roof features a super soft hollow body that creates incredible popping action in a finesse profile. The Zoo Pop floats-at-rest and will get fish to go when larger profile frogs won’t . It’s fully integrated hook design allows the Zoo Pop to stay “snagproof” even in heavy grass, pads and vegetation. Topwater fishing is a Zoo – get in the action with the Zoo Pop.
Geecrack U.S.A. Imo Kemushi 60 & 40: Designed to mimic a panicked insect stranded in the water, the new Geecrack Imo Kemushi (Potato Caterpillar) is heavily impregnated with salt and rubber “hairs.” At 2.4 inches (60) or 1.6 inches (40), this finesse bait relies on the wiggling action of the rubber strands to entice bass to take advantage of an easy meal! Pair it up with a finesse hook on a Dropshot or a Ned Rigt!!
Spro Megalojohn 6”: The Megalojohn swimbait was designed in conjunction with Elite Series pro angler John Crews. This 6″ soft plastic swimbait has a great thumping action when retrieved. The plastic used in the Megalojohn is a special blend of soft plastic that is soft enough to allow a great swimming action while being durable enough to catch fish after fish. It swims great on slow retrieves and won’t blow out on fast retrieves. It is armed with a #2 Gamakatsu black nickel, round bend treble on the belly.
Tightlines UV MG Sow Belly 7″ Tube: Here is the new MG Sow Belly 7″ Tube for those big bass …when they want a big bait! With everyone focusing on Swimbaits, we turned right and are manufacturing a new UV Tube in a XXXL size! These are hand poured for perfection.
Z-Man Gobius: Matching the soft body anatomy of a live round goby, the 3-inch Z-Man Gobius is composed of super soft, 10X Tough ElaZtech for maximum movement and lifelike texture. Internal “bottom-hugging” jig harness and buoyant body material yields a natural horizontal posture at rest. Gobius swims, creeps and deflects off cover with superior snag resistance while also yielding easy hooksets. Rounded paddletail enables effortless tail-kicking action. 3/8-, 1/2- and 3/4-ounce sizes in 8 body patterns.
Yamamoto Scope Shad: Although designed to be the perfect tool for forward facing sonar, the all-new Scope Shad is far from a one-trick pony. When tasked with catching fish that are feeding primarily in a visual situation, the Scope Shad offers the perfect profile to fool even the most pressured bass. You can confidently rig it for a vertical presentation on technique-specific jig heads. It is also an incredible offering on a drop shot as it is constructed from our Mega Floater Formula.. Available in 13 colors.
Berkley PowerBait Nessie: The Berkley PowerBait Nessie. Skip it, slide it, and cast it where traditional glide baits have not been able to reach. An eye-catching soft bodied glide bait design with the added benefit of PowerBait flavor, this slow sinking bait features a mesh reinforced joint for durability while allowing for free range of motion, and stabilizing fins for consistent action. The hook retention clip keeps the Fusion19 treble hooks secured to the body. 10 custom painted forage matching finishes in 3 sizes.
Dirty Jigs Compact Swim Jig: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Dirty Jigs Compact Swim Jig boasts a sleek and compact design that mimics the natural movement of baitfish. Armed with a 4/0 Gamakatsu hook, its wire bait keeper forces a more lead forward head design. With a more forward balance point, the Compact Swim Jig is best served up with the “Alabama Shake” style swim technique.
Bizz Baits Skip N’ Flip Jig: The New Bizz Baits Skip N’ Flip Jig features a premium 5/0 Gamakatsu hook, a true powder coat finish for durability, a dual bait keeper – all with a hand tied skirt! From top to bottom it has priority on performance. The head design features a wide flat surface and recessed jig eye that skips great while still effortlessly able to come through cover! The Skip N’ Flip Jig will be available in 2 sizes – 3/8oz and 1/2oz in 10 colors.
Daiwa Bessie: The Bessie. Named after the mythical beasts that lurk within musky infested lakes, this lure was designed to tame these powerful monsters. With a 6.5″ length the oversized Spy-bait like design creates an enticing shimmy while a large flashing blade mid-body triggers vicious bites. The Bessie, designed in collaboration with NISHINE Lure Works, features the most quality components; a custom prop and blade, High strength 3X4/0 black nickel hooks, and a variety of forage imitating colors.
Yamamoto Hammer Trap: The Hammer-Trap’s name is derived from the incredible hammering action. This action, which will literally rock your rod tip, also activates the Tri-Tone sound chambers. In turn, this emits 3 distinct tonal frequencies as well as the next-level vibration. When stopped on the retrieve, the Hammer-Trap will fall with a fluttering action. The Hammer-Trap, which comes in ⅔ oz and ⅜ oz, is available in 16 pro-selected colors and comes equipped with Mustad Triple Grip hooks.
Z-Man ChatterBait Elite EVO: The powered-up ChatterBait Elite EVO leads with Z-Man’s patented direct head-to-blade connection, for quick-start vibration and maxed out hunting action. Next-level bladed jig features a hybrid molded split-grip/wire trailer keepers to secure all soft plastic trailers. 5/0 heavy-duty, black nickel hook was designed by Stephen Browning, with unique barb placement for hooksets and snag resistance. Wire-tied silicone skirting, hyper-detailed head sculpt and durable, plated stainless steel blades.
Buckeye G-Buzz: There is no denying that Gerald Swindle has had a ton of success utilizing a buzzbait. Thanks to his mutual investment with Buckeye to give our customers the best tools on earth, the infamous G-Buzz is now available to the world. Available in ¼ oz, ⅜ oz, and ½ oz, as well as the 5 colors that Gerald has relied on himself, the G-Buzz has a unique bend to the wire frame that he has honed over the years to maximize hookups on every strike.
Molix Muscle Ant: It’s an “innovation machine” made with lead free Zinc-Alloy head construction 17/7 stainless steel wire which is more flexible than standard S wires. The weight of the blades is calibrated to avoid overloading the spinnerbait which immediately springs into action upon contact with water. The “fine cut” silicone skirt is assembled by hand and adds naturalness to the lure’s swimming. The Muscle Ant is a Mike laconelli signature bait and it’s offered in a complete “Mike’s tournament tested” colors
Boogerman 1/2 oz Magnum BuzzBait: Introducing the latest addition to our line of fishing lures – the Boogerman 1/2 oz Magnum Buzz. This innovative lure boasts the same exceptional keeled shape head design as its predecessor, but with a larger profile that produces an even louder clack. Discriminating anglers will appreciate the enhanced performance and versatility of this top-of-the-line lure. Don’t settle for ordinary – upgrade your fishing game with the Boogerman 1/2 oz Magnum Buzz.
Strike King Gravel Dawg: Delivering a wide wobble action in a bite-sized, 1.5 profile, Strike King’s new Gravel Dawg grinds through rock, wood, and grass better than any medium-diving crank bait in its class. The Gravel Dawg comes in two different versions – the Gravel Dawg 8 and Gravel Dawg 10. Both sizes keep the same body profile and size, but the bill changes between the two to achieve different diving depths. These baits will have you covered in the 5-10 ft. range throughout all parts of the country.
Rapala PXR Mavrik 110: PXR stands for Precision, Xtreme, and Redline. Every feature has been approved by all of the top Rapala Pros who have tested this bait to the Xtreme and demanded it comes equipped with the best treble hook they have ever used from the VMC Redline Series. The Mavrik has an updated Long-Cast system built from the innovation that started it all when the X-Rap was launched years ago. Hard cutting and semi-erratic action is so fine tuned, the pros are dialing in their live sonar with it.
Berkley Dime: Cast further, track straight, match the hatch, and fish confidently. When it’s time to fill the boat, it’s time to start dropping Dimes. Primed to be a go-to mid-depth crankbait thanks to its patented Flash Disc Technology that delivers balsa-like action, durability and performance of a plastic bait, and wobbling action on the rise. The Dime’s weight transfer system allows for further casting in sizes 4 and 6, and sticky sharp Fusion19 hooks deliver premium performance. 20 colors and 4 sizes.
Spro Walking Haint 125: The Walking Haint 125 is loaded with features to trigger topwater strikes. It easily walks back and forth with the slightest rod twitch and casts long distances to reach any breaking fish. It is 125mm in length and has a loud one knocking sound when twitched. It features three #4 round bend, black nickel Gamakatsu trebles for excellent hooking ratios. The SPRO mean eye gives the Haint an edgy baitfish appearance. It comes in 13 colors to match any baitfish.
THUNDERHAWK LURES A-10 Magnum Square Bill: The Thunderhawk A10 Magnum is a six inch two ounce squarebill crankbait created for fisherman who are not afraid to throw a big bait into where fish live, Thunderhawk Lures engineered several unique features into the A10 Magnum without compromising that just right. action fish love! The Thunderhawk A10 Magnum features semi flat sides, weight transfer system and a unique sguarebill designed to fish fast or slow with out blowing out!
Nichols Lures Bass Mafia Big Larry Spoon: The Big Larry Spoon is the brainchild of flutter spoon experts at Nichols and Bass Mafia Pro Chris Zaldain. Built with a wider body profile and a deeper contour, the Big Larry Spoon has extreme thump and feedback when stroked. A premium Spro swivel and Decoy hook make sure each fish that eats the Big Larry is promptly put in your boat.
Yo-Zuri 3DB Wake Prop: The Yo-Zuri 3DB Wake Prop is a single jointed wake bait with an oversized UV prop. It can be fished fast to cover water or slowed around structure. It features a seductive waking action, while throwing water to each side off the prop, giving it the ability to pull fish in from a long distance. Available in two sizes and eight colors. In stock and available to order now!
Queen Tackle LS Tungsten Underspin: Queen Tackle adds to its LS Tungsten series with the new LS Tungsten Underspin. Perfectly balanced with a light wire and small willow blade. A clear choice when using forward facing sonar. The density of tungsten gives superior feedback as it is ping by sonar at long distances. The size of tungsten is almost half the size of lead. Hook ups are easy with the sharp thin wire 3/0 hook.
Sizes: 1/4 and 3/8 ounces.
Big Bait Baits Real Deal Deflection Swim Jig: When it comes to grass fishing one of Michael Neal’s key to high finishes it to put on a swim jig and cover water. This new head design features flat sides for a baitfish profile and conical design to pass easily through the heaviest cover. Each head features large, molded eyes and is custom hand painted for the finest details. All the heads were exclusively designed to match Big Bite’s most popular plastic colors. Each jig also features a custom skirt.
Echo Bait Echo Jig: Target opportunity with the sonar reflective Echo Jig. 2-10x more visible on Live/Forward Facing sonar, the Echo Jig introduces Echo Bait proprietary technology. Integrating size, shape, and composition, Echo Bait optimizes sonar acoustic size and passive sonar reflection. An advantage that enables championship anglers to track their lure and target fish on Live/Forward Facing sonar. The Echo Jig new product line includes the Shallow Water Bonnet, Deep Water Tomahawk, & Vertical Water Dagger.
Mustad AlphaPoint® Assault Wide Gap Hook: Mustad exclusively designed its new line of AlphaPoint® 4.8 hooks for precise freshwater angling tacticians. This new tip affords a slimmer point for increased penetration and premiere precision – what’s more, the Opti-Angle tip retains its durability that of 10 the traditional needlepoint. This wide gap model boasts an aggressive unique Tak-bend which places the point above the eye and more level with the bait. Its new nano-thin Titan-X finish further increases the efficacy of point entry.
VMC Swingin’ Ned Rig Jig: Once again VMC brings innovation to terminal tackle with a new articulated jig head design allowing a presentation to flow and move more naturally at any speed or depth. This allows anglers to go heavier for longer casts and better bottom contact and deeper finesse presentations without sacrificing the bait’s ability to stand up. The adjustable fluorocarbon keeper is for rigging plastics straight or weedless. Designed perfectly to fish with the new CrushCity Ned BLT.
Spro CJ Flip: The CJ Flip was designed in conjunction with Elite Series pro angler Chris Johnston. Chris designed the head to make it versatile for flipping around grass, wood, rocks or docks. The round bend, black nickel Gamakatsu hook has a vertical eye to help it pass through any cover and strong enough to be used with heavy fluorocarbon or braid. The medium heavy weedguard protects the hook point from getting snagged. The CJ Flip comes in three sizes 3/8oz, 1/2oz and 3/4oz with nine colors in each size.
Sunline America Tepa: Tepa is a 100% fluorocarbon leader that combines two lb tests into one leader with a proprietary tapered design. These leaders are uniquely manufactured to taper from a larger Ib test to a smaller Il test from one end of the leader to the other end. This benefit allows an angler to use an upsized Ib test on either end for applications where a larger or smaller leader is needed. The tapered structure of this leader allows an angler to strengthen either the knot area or mainline connection.
Sufix 832 Sunrise: The strongest, most durable, small diameter braid with GORE performance fibers now offered with a twist of Sunrise features. Sufix 832 braid is now even better with a color that makes every reel look twice as sharp. This new color has features like R8 precision braiding and fiber technology offering superior strength, roundness and consistency. Sunrise has blends of high vis, blends of water, and blends of the sky making it the coolest line to hit the market.
Shimano Mastiff Fluorocarbon: Shimano Mastiff is 100% fluorocarbon and produced in Japan with strict quality control that offers anglers consistency and reliability while combining strength, durability, and smoothness to enhance performance on the water. While the surface of Mastiff is entirely smooth to the touch, engineers devised NANOARMOR® technology – nano-size ridges across the outer surface of the line – to enhance knot strength and toughness, preventing slippage and reducing the risk of line breakage.
Shore-Up Removable Wireless Foot Pedal Mount: The Shore-Up Removable Wireless Foot Pedal Mounts provide hands-free operation for shallow water anchor foot pedals. They eliminate the need for permanent installation on your boat’s deck. These mounts allow you to utilize two removable mounting options: Kennedy Tiedown Bolt (requires drilling one hole) and Anchor Locker (no drilling required). Crafted from durable Starboard material with stainless steel hardware, these mounts offer convenience and freedom to fish while remaining hands-free.
Sunline America Camo Line Storage Bag: This line storage bag is a great choice to store and protect all of your Sunline. The bag is padded on all sides to prevent spools from being broken if the bag is dropped or smashed. The bag opens on the top with a large high quality zipper. The interior features an adjustable divider that make up to six internal compartments to separate your line types or sizes. It features six elastic bands that can securely store bulk spools. Use of a bag like this also protects line from harmful uv rays.
American Baitworks Co. BaitFuel Hardbait Stick: BaitFuel introduces its new Hardbait Stick, an alternative to the BaitFuel Gel Fish Attractant designed to stick to the side of any hard bait. The Hardbait Stick is designed to be used on Jerk Baits, Spinnerbaits, Glide Baits, Frogs, and Crank Baits and comes in a 0.5oz twist-up tube that allows for easy application and hundreds of uses in just one tube. BaitFuel is SUPERCHARGED with F.A.S.T. (Fish Active Scent Technology).
Rapala SmartHub Line Spooler: Spooling line has never been so convenient and versatile! The new Rapala line spooler attaches to the exclusive smarthub connector. Mount it in the garage, under boat compartments, or even in the back of a truck. The spring loaded line tension control with the knob lock assist the anglers in spooling both spinning and baitcasting reels. When the job is finished, any type of line can be cut with the built in line cutter making spooling fast and easy.
Cashion Rods John Crews ICON Big Bait Rod: Description: The John Crews ICON Big Bait Rod, imagined by Elite Series Pro John Crews, engineered & handcrafted in NC, USA by Cashion Rods was designed specifically for throwing big baits to catch big bass! It is built on a 7’10” mod-fast, med-hry CR6r carbon fiber blank that is rolled in-house. It is rated with a lure weight of ½ oz. to 3 oz. John says, “It has the right amount of power to throw these baits but moderate enough action to not rip hooks out of their mouth when fighting those big monsters!”
St. Croix Mojo Bass TRIGON: Featuring St. Croix’s proprietary, new, ergonomic TRIGON handle and Dynamix Reel Seat design based on anthropometric data, the next-generation Mojo Bass TRIGON Series expands to 34 models – 25 casting and nine spinning – for 2024. The comprehensive Mojo Bass TRIGON Series features premium SCIII carbon or 100% Linear $-Glass blanks (reaction-bait models only), with lengths, powers, and actions to perfectly support any bass-fishing technique from BFS to eight-ounce swimbaits.
Fenwick World Class Bass Rods: Fenwick World Class Bass rods harmonize sensitivity, ergonomics, craftsmanship, and balance. New blanks and a proprietary reinforcing resin result in a rod so sensitive it feels like an extension of the angler’s senses. Honed to perfection, the rods feature highly crafted multi-material grips for seamless ergonomics and balance to complement the ultra-lightweight blanks. Carbon reinforced soft touch reel seats fit the hand in all the right places, and titanium guides provide casting efficiency.
Lews Custom Lite Rods: The new Custom Lite Rods have HM85 graphite blanks for sensitivity and stainless-steel guides with titanium oxide inserts for durability, with spinning rods featuring a new Comfort Plus ergonomic reel seat and casting rods featuring a Full Contact reel seat for direct blank contact while fishing. The new Custom Lites have split grip handles with Lew’s exclusive Winn® Dri-Tac ProWeave™ Grips for all day comfort and control. The lineup includes 20 casting models (2 BFS) and 8 spinning models.
SPRO Slayer Rods: The SPRO Slayer Rods provide the perfect balance of sensitivity and strength, with lightweight Toray carbon fiber blanks. Featuring bass fishing specific actions, these versatile rods are suitable for any technique, from drop shotting to flipping.Perfect for pros and weekend warriors alike, the Slayer Rods provide optimal performance at an affordable price. Nine models are available with five casting and four spinning rods.
Daiwa Tatula Elite AGS Rods: After listening to the consumer and discussing with our pros who designed the actions, Daiwa launched multiple new actions of AGS elite rods with all new construction and features but with the same desired actions.
These new AGS rods have a new sanded Micro Pitch black construction with SF Nanoplus graphite allowing much thinner diameter and lighter blank. X45 construction developing 90 degree layer points to increase strength and reduce ovalization.
Fit with the Daiwa Airsensor reel seat.
BAJIO Sunglasses // Stiltsville: Named for the ruins of several prominent Prohibition-era social clubs built at sea in Biscayne Bay, Florida. Stiltsville is also a famous flat known for phenomenal bonefishing. When you don a pair of full-wrap Stiltsville shades, enjoy the best of both worlds – hardcore bonefish hunting and perpetual party going. Tie one on and tip one back in honor of Stiltsville.
Costa Sunglasses King Tide 8, Black, 580G Blue Mirror: Witness a rise 40 years in the making. Made for elite anglers, King Tide 8 keeps your eye on the prize with unprecedented sweat management, elevates your craft with shark-inspired, zero-fog venting, and optimizes viewing on and off the water with removable side shields. Rough waters or still, nonskid hooding keeps your frames exactly where you set them. Using research and innovations from every frame that came before it, king Tide 8 is the crowning achievement of Costa’s 40 years on the water.
Lowrance HDS Pro: Lowrance’s new HDS® PRO, ActiveTarget® 2 and Active Imaging™M HD form the Ultimate Fishing System. HDS PRO is packed full of features and provides full bow-to-stern boat control spanning trolling motors, autopilots, and much more. ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar provides the highest-resolution live views of fish in a wide choice of views, while Active Imaging HD offers the clearest images of fish and structure using Lowrance® with Chirp. SideScan and DownScan Imaging™ with FishReveal™.
Shimano Stradic FM: Dependability and versatility prevail in the Stradic FM with reel technologies passed down from Shimano’s flagship spinning reels. Stradic FM adds InfinityXross technology for unequaled gear durability and synergy. This parlays Shimano’s legacy of cold-forged HAGANE gearing for added strength with the refinement of MicroModule II. InfinityDrive delivers increased cranking power under load, while the new Duracross Drag provides the smooth performance of felt with up to 10 times the durability.
Abu Garcia Zenon X Spinning Reel: Engineered to give anglers exceptional performance in a compact package, the Abu Garcia Zenon X Spinning Reel features an asymmetrical X-Cräftic aluminum body design, V-Rotor and V-Spool design for a lightweight and extremely compact platform weighing less than 7oz. Paired with a 9+1 stainless steel HPCR bearing system and precision machined gears for effortless performance. The Carbon Matrix drag provides smooth and consistent pressure across the entire drag range. Fish to win with Zenon X.
SEVIIN GX Series Spinning Reel: SEVIIN GX Series reels are engineered and crafted from a blank slate to deliver elite-level worry-free performance in all freshwater spinning applications, from finesse to power fishing. Featuring a lightweight and rigid carbon body and rotor, skeletonized aluminum spool, 10+1 bearings, one-piece titanium bail, stacked-carbon micro-adjustable drag, S-curve slow oscillation, and premium, machined accents, GX Series reels combine exceedingly smooth and reliable operation with durable longevity.
Lew’s HyperMag Baitcast Reel: Team Lew’s has redesigned the HyperMag Baitcast Reel to enhance not only function, but experience. The HyperMag has been upgraded to include the P2 Super Pinion® double bearing supported pinion gear, offering a better gear mesh for smoothness and extended gear life. Speed Knot quick line attachment spool allows quick and easy line spooling. The updated ergonomic one-piece magnesium frame and C45 carbon sideplates are strong and extremely lightweight, with the reel weighing in at only 5.2 oz.
Daiwa Tatula 100: Introducing the new Tatula 100, a re-designed reel frame giving ultimate comfort and confidence. Integrated our patented Hyper-Drive design for the smoothest performance and ultimate power. With a new lighter A7075 spool you can cast even further with the ultimate control. The Tatula 100 will continue to uphold the greatest features you come to expect including our T-wing line guide for maximum casting distance and Zero Adjuster cast control to maintain optimal spool tension.
Rapala RapStack Tackle Trays: Tackle trays that are built tough and designed smart with a fishing goal in mind (store, organize, access, repeat). Designed with a quick latch system for single-hand access, rewritable labels and a stackable system that has integrated feet for vertical storage. These trays are highly rigid and built with cold and heat-resistant UV material. A box full of Shad Raps or DT’s will have never looked so good. Bait balls are for in the water, not in your tackle box.
Mustang MIT 100 Convertible A/M Inflatable PFD: The MIT 100 Convertible AM Inflatable PFD is a lightweight and versatile option for inshore and coastal excursions. The convertible inflator lets users choose between automatic and manual inflatable modes. The 1-fold design is easy to repack. Convert between automatic and manual-only inflation modes by simply swapping inflator caps (included). The MIT 100 provides 28 LBS of buoyancy when inflated and will self-right most wearers (face up). Type V approval with Type III performance.
Dakota Lithium DL+ 12V 135Ah Dual Purpose Battery: The DL+ 12V 135Ah battery from Dakota Lithium is the ultimate solution for powering your passions. With 1,000 CCA of engine starting power, 135 Amp Hours of deep cycle performance, and internal even-heat technology, this rugged battery easily performs in extreme temperatures. It is now IP67 Waterproof, 15V Max charging voltage, ABC compatible, and Compatible with Mercury Motor requirements. Engineered with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFeP04) technology, it has 5X the power and an 11 year warranty.
Bonafide Fishing SKF117 Kayak: Introducing the Bonafide SKF117- the ultimate fishing vessel for versatility and exploration. This newest addition to the Bonafide line-up is the perfect combination of SUP and kayak engineered to enhance your fishing experience. The retractable keg system from the VR has been seamlessly integrated to the SKF to allow for increased tracking or maneuverability at your fingertips. Bonafide’s signature HYCAT hull allows for rock solid stability and comfort.
Old Town Sportsman BigWater eDL+ 132: The Old Town Sportsman BigWater ePDL+
132 is the first seamlessly-integrated battery-powered pedal kayak providing you with unmatched versatility. Combining pedal propulsion, power-assisted pedal, and motorized cruise control, the ePDL+ allows you to seamlessly switch between modes with the intuitive keys and screen located on the drive. Powered by an included lithium battery, the ePDL+ drive unlocks a new way to experience the water, no matter the conditions. Manufactured in Old Town, ME., USA.
Blackfish Rage Boot: The Blackfish Rage Boot is the ultimate boot that anglers and boaters have been begging for. This waterproof boot is easy to slip on and off and will keep your feet dry and comfortable in the wettest conditions. The Rage features a contoured insole that will keep you feeling fresh on your feet and ready to get after it. With a non-marking high traction sole that is slip-resistant, this boot is perfect whenever the situation calls for a shoe that can handle mother nature’s challenges. Sizes 7-13.
AFTCO Ankle Deck Boots: Black: A staple in any angler’s day-to-day life on the water, AFTCO’s Ankle Deck Boot was designed from the ground up to fulfill the high demands of anyone who is obsessed with a life better lived outdoors. Designed to deliver a heightened level of comfort via an inner neoprene liner that is quick-drying and fully flexible. Paired with a custom compression-molded antimicrobial insole, these waterproof fishing boots offer the perfect amount of cushion, rebound, and support season after season.
AFTCO Ocean Bound Hooded Performance Shirt: Sustainability you can wear with REPREVE® Our Ocean™ recycled ocean bound polyester fabric. This performance shirt is fabricated from recycled plastic bottles that were bound for the ocean but were gathered and recycled into spun polyester fabric that will keep you protected and comfortable for long days on the water. Ocean Bound delivers UPF 40 sun protection, active hood that can tuck over your hat brim, thumb loops, and quick dry, moisture wicking to keep you cool and dry for the next cast.
Simms SolarFlex Cooling Hoody: High-tech comfort for high-intensity heat, the SolarFlex Cooling Hoody offers stretch mobility, UPF50 sun protection, and an easy breathing, cool-to-the-touch construction. Built with a lightweight knit fabric that’s smooth and stretchy, with a hint of compression, the shirt’s cooling capability is powered by Brrr° triple effect technology. Equipped with a 3-panel hood, and extended sleeves, the shirt also features thumbholes and a center finger loop for additional back-of-hand sun protection.
AFTCO Forge Insulated Jacket: Forge: Heat when you need it most. Optimal insulation when the temps drop, Forge was built to deliver warmth as a standalone jacket or as key layering in cold weather. Constructed with 100% nylon TORAY® ripstop for durability and conducts heat with 60g of Thermore® Freedom Stretch insulation. DWR keeps the elements off you while a 4-way stretch promotes mobility that moves with you. Stretch cuffs, shock cord hem adjusters along with zippered chest & hand pockets round out this winter must-have.
Huk Performance Fishing Men’s KC River Jacket Phantom Scales: When you’re committed to the catch, the weather doesn’t deter you. But if you’re not adequately protected, it can still get under your skin. The new performance Rover Jacket will keep you warm, dry and fishing fine. This lightweight, waterproof jacket offers seem-sealed construction, and its adjustable bungee hood and zippered pockets complete the perfect defense for inclement days on the water. When the weather finally breaks, you can simply roll-up the jacket and stow it conveniently.
Simms Fishing W’s Fall Run Hoody: The perfect 3-season ally for chilly adventures, the W’s Fall Run Hoody packs heavyweight warmth with minimal bulk for unmatched layering under bibs, waders, or as a standalone layer. Built with a 100% recycled polyester ripstop exterior and lining, the jacket features PrimaLoft Black Eco insulation that keeps anglers warm even when wet. Additional features include an insulated hood, a zippered chest pocket, zippered hand-warmer pockets, and articulated sleeves for an improved range of motion.